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wheee i only got about 8 hours of sleep last night. well, i went to bed around 12:30 and my dad woke me up this morning. yesterday i did a bunch of chores, babysat for my 3 neighbor kids (ben is 4, libby is 2, and abby is 1 - they're cute, but i'm better with older kids), and went to see scooby doo with megan. it was better than the reviews said (of course, i was too busy paying attention to how incredible velma is to really notice plot or special effects or anything...). velma was amazingly sexy (YES, i have weird fetishes, ok?), i was kind of disappointed that rowan atkinson wasn't very bean-ish and looks silly with curly hair, and i was glad that the ever-annoying scrappy doo who i've always hated finally got out of there! and there was a midget in the movie too! and when velma was a zombie, she was wearing this orange shirt and had CLEAVAGE! now while i might be completely obsessed and glad to get any glimpse of velma, she would never ever wear a shirt like that! velma is a prude, she wears freakin' turtlenecks! hehe i thought it was funny when she was talking to the guy and the bartender passed them drinks and said "on the house. nice sweater!" and of course i wanted to jump up and hug her during half the scenes, especially when she was complaining about being picked last, how freddy always took credit, etc. *sigh* oh velma... how i love thee... oh yes, and rowan atkinson, though i was rather disappointed that he wasn't silly enough.
anyway, after the movie, megan and i went to kings. quite nice. driving gives me such an adrenaline rush. i hate driving, especially on main roads. especially at night. but i managed to drive to a bunch of places all right, so that worked. i'm so proud of myself!

and sarah, if you eventually read this, i'm sorry if you thought i was talking specifically about you in that "i hate codependency" rant. i just get annoyed when people constantly talk about their significant others and can't think of any better conversation topics (except maybe food - food is good, and i love to talk about food). it's just that some of us enjoy deep conversation. of course, i say that after writing a long bit about how obsessed with velma i am, but hey, i have issues!

after my dad woke me up and i was trying to get back to sleep, laura called. ugh, mornings should die. i'm almost always in a grouchy or zombieish mood in the morning, especially if someone wakes me up (and especially if someone wakes me up in the middle of a dream). i'm never fully functional until after lunch, and i'm never energetic until the evening. i can be downright hyper late at night too. but hey, to each her own.

i get to go to giant eagle and do grocery shopping today! since my mom and sis aren't here, my dad is having me do all the domestic stuff. i was vaccuuming the stairs yesterday and thought, hey, i feel like magenta! only in a tshirt and jeans with boring hair. ah well. he's a freakin' workaholic so he never has time to do anything other than work and find chores for my lazy ass to do.

oh bla. i suppose i should go unclog the stupid shower drain, have a shower, get dressed, eat something, and then go about the day. i wish my friends lived closer. they all live so far away, and i rarely talk to the closer ones anymore. of course, i only really communicate with 3 or 4 of my friends on a regular basis. bah, so much for my social life. if only i didn't hide out in my pickle jar. grr, straight dope is so sloooooow and half the time it doesn't work... pooey! arggh! k ade, calm down.

dun dun dun i should go now. have a nice day please. bye.

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