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If you're ever looking for adventure, try opening the basement door while carrying a brimming bowl of really hot ramen when there are multiple cats waiting at the top of the stairs. We keep the cats in the basement overnight (otherwise they go sleep with my mom and she gets hot and miserable and refuses to close the door at night), and they love to try and escape. Well, I spilled a bit and had to go back up and get Belle, but things worked out. Sorta.

Katie and Julia were bugging me to take them and Julia's love interest Brendan (who is also apparently dating my aunt Kathleen, thanks to my sister's phone mishap) to the movies tonight, but my mom said no. It's funny, they're so much younger and already dating and stuff. I feel old. And behind. Oh well.

So I go back to school on Monday. Blahdee bla. Oh well, at least I'll get to see friends again. It's been dreadfully lonely here with only family members and occasionally neighbors.

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