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1. Out of all the shades of pink, which one is your favorite?
I hate pink! It's evil! I don't know why, I just hate it.

2. What length skirt do you like?
Loooong, down to the ankles, and flowy so it poofs out when I twirl.

3. What hair products do you use?
At home, whatever shampoo is available (just not my sister's or my mom's), but at school I think I use Herbal Essences.

4. What's the worst thing about guys?
Most of them stink. Not all, just most. And a lot of them are stupid and shallow.

5. What's the best thing about guys?
Most of them are totally clueless when it comes to girls... I think it's cute.

6. What makes you feel most girly-airhead?
Oh, so being girly makes one airheaded? Hmmm... when I'm in the feminine products aisle I feel like a girl... and then get so incredibly embarrassed I just grab what I need and get out. I'm also incredibly girly when I see kittens, I ooh and aah and scare people with my baby talk.

7. Bra or no bra?
I hate the damn things, but I wear them anyway.

8. Are you addicted to chocolate?
No, but I love it. Except dark, I don't like that kind.

9. Do you and your friends actually have "slumber parties"?
Nah, occasionally someone will sleep over, but I haven't had multiple friends over since New Years 1999 (I think)

10. Are you ticklish on your sides?
Noooooo, and NEVER try to tickle me. I hate being touched like that, it's irritating. But I love tickling other people! Especially Katie and Nick, they're really ticklish and have funny reactions.

11. Do you take advantage of being a girl to get free stuff?

12. Are most men liars?
Aren't most people liars?

13. Have you been accused of being a slut?
Hahaaaaaaa, I've been accused of being too modest. Though one time back around 9th grade, I was in the hallway with my friend and some random guy I didn't know walked by us and said, "There are two sluts, one in (whatever color I was wearing) and one in pink!" I said, "I'm not a slut!" and my friend said, "I'm not wearing pink!"

14. Do you like getting manicures?
I've never had one, though my sister got one today. I prefer to cut my nails as short as possible with my pocketknife.

15. Do you always shave your legs?
I haven't shaved my legs since I was 16, and I don't plan on doing it any time soon, thank you.

16. Is it true that men are naturally better at math?
I don't think so, it's just that society raises boys to be left-brained and girls to be right-brained. People should be ambibrainious. Ooh, I made up another word!

17. What do you think of getting pregnant?
It's not going to happen any time soon, there are too many people in the world as it is, and if I ever have a kid, I want to be married and financially stable.

18. Who would you rather be Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson?
*shudders* The question is, would I commit suicide faster if I was Britney or Jessica? Probably Britney, in that case.

19. Do you always say "Awww" when you see a furry little animal or an infant?
Furry animals, yes. With babies, it's "oh, cute... eww, smelly!"

20. As far as sports go: playing or cheering?
neither, unless it's fencing or skiing (playing)

21. Do you like getting all dressed up and pretty?
I like costumes! When I wear something girly and pretty I feel odd...

22. Of all the questions in this survey which was the most girly?
The first, that was the scariest. Why does my gender have to be associated with that horrid color?

Write out your full name and for each letter of your name, pick a band/artist/group to represent it. Doesn't have to be a band you like either.

Depeche Mode
Indigo Girls
Nsync (just for you, Spam!)

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