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Yip-dee-doo, back at school... and the internet isn't working (surprise, surprise) even though I configured my computer back to the school settings. Woot. Yesterday I went to McKinley's and was shocked twice in the span of five minutes. First by the new look of McKinley's (it's so... huge... and clean-looking...), second by Amanda's haircut (I didn't recognize her at first, silly me...). I watched Kiki's Delivery Service last night, it's cute. But next time I'll just watch it with subtitles. And today I've just been lazy, sleeping late, petting the kitty, playing Age of Mythology, etc. Classes start tomorrow. Blech.

And since I'm bored, I'll do this! Very interesting. Sounds like an entry in itself.

Take the last sentences off the first 10 entries of your friends page and put them here:

(I didn't count communities, links, or meme entries)
10. Ah well.
9. Classes start the day after that, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
7. On a brighter side, I am enthralled with the soundtrack. ^_^
6. The first copy was sold to one of the Halloween Strange Tongues features, which is a good omen.
5. *grins*
4. Alexa and I are going to go to California by ourselves sometime and go to Disneyland.
3. This has been an entirely weird entry, filled with words that aren't mine.
2. And I love my new Solas CD, the whole thing's lovely. 's their latest, Another Day.
1. Wish me luck!

Well, off to be bored for the rest of the day. Maybe I'll clean my room (*gasp*), dress up my mannequin, or watch Hedwig. Or dress my mannequin like Hedwig. Well, if I had a Hedwig wig, I would... but she needs a change. As magnificent as the zebra thong/blue feather boa/straw cowboy hat/zebra bra draped over the shoulder look is, she needs something else. Maybe I'll dress her in the hula outfit. We need a little Hawaii in January. *Stitch voice* Alooooooooohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

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