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Today I performed the ritual sacrifice. $420 for books. I just have to get a reader for one class (not in yet), and that's it. Holy cheese. I've never spent that much on books in one shot. There goes almost half my checking account. Pop Pop gave me a check for $250 to cover books (he spoils me, really), but that's still a big dent. Oh well.

Yesterday I found out that Sara is moving to the AGP house in a few days. So I'll have the room to myself unless someone else wants to move in. My internet still isn't working. Bastards. And today, on the first day of classes, my alarm didn't go off and I woke up at 9:30. So I missed my first class. Blah. Well, maybe I'll apologize to the teacher on Friday.

Last night I called Megan (yes, I voluntarily picked up the phone and called her... but I was feeling pretty down, and talking to her always makes me feel better). Someday we should make a women's magazine with interesting content, not crap about clothing, makeup, and men. We'll have interviews with really cool non-famous people, paper dolls, artwork, stickers, comics, advice columns, do-it-yourself projects, stories, poems, etc. That would be cool.

So. Time to... uh... go back to the house. Maybe do something productive before dinner.

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