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wanna hear about my dream last night? sure ya do! well, i heard my alarm (not my real alarm, that went off a few minutes later) and i sat up. i had 2 roommates now, carrie and this one girl who was really "big." i started talking about sister mary patrick from "sister act" for some reason. the door opened and this tall, thin latino girl who had supposedly emailed me came in. though i was barely awake, she sat down on my bed and started talking about how if i looked out my window, i could see grove city. so i looked out and the building looked smaller and lower, and instead of seeing the college campus, the street, etc., i saw a landscape and was able to see far off into the distance. then i was outside, walking on a deserted highway in the middle of a field. the latino girl was walking ahead of me, and suddenly i flew into the air. i flew over her head, laughing, and swooped down, then up. i turned back and saw her flying towards me. i guess i had wings then, they were these fluffy white bird/angel wings (why did they have to be white? i want green wings!). i was having fun flying, going high, then tucking myself up and falling until i spread my arms again and swooped... it was fun. then i flew by what may have been a school setting, probably franklin. i saw a large group of males about my age, all tall and muscular types. there was snow on the ground (yay!) and a lot of them were holding snowballs. one threw his at me, but i caught it and threw it back, hitting him hard in the face. i laughed and dodged the snowballs the guys threw at me, occasionally catching one and throwing it back. they were these round, sort of hard balls that were easy to carry. i landed and walked into this fenced area where one boy stood holding a snowball. the others followed me, carrying snowballs. i knelt and made a snowball and i told the group to wait until i threw mine. i threw it at the guy standing alone, and i think it hit him in the chest. the others pelted theirs at me, and i somehow managed to escape because the next thing i knew, i was standing in the doorway of what looked like a barn. the guys were all lined up in what looked like a military fashion. their apparent leader was yelling out a speech, and beside him stood the grinch, who looked like a green snowman. nobody seemed to realize i was there, so i made a snowball and covered it with some mud. i snickered and walked over to the leader, holding the drippy brown thing. i threw it at him and it splattered near his bellybutton, but nobody noticed. i then flew off. in the next part, i saw things through the eyes of the grinch, and he had escaped from the guys and was in this girls locker room. he was wearing these pajamas and his hands were covered in mud (from making the snowball, i guess). he went over to a shower, turned it on, and washed his hands while floating into the air. then my real alarm woke me up and i groaned and realized i had to actually get up. it was a fun dream! i love flying dreams, and with the guys throwing snowballs at me, it was more of a game than an attack.
we got to look through magazines in womens' studies today, pick out ethnic women, and see how they were portrayed in ads. i'm wearing my "i have issues" shirt. carrie and i are going to have lunch in a little while (strange, since i rarely eat with her) and i plan to actually do some homework today, since i'm free until 7 and need to do something better than sit at the computer.
i want to write some labyrinth fanfic when i finish some of my work ;) that should be interesting. i've been in such a good mood recently. this week has just been on my side (except for one physical obstacle that will pass in a few days). knock on wood (smacks head).

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