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In regards to my last post, it reminded me of something. You see, my mom isn't fond of the way I dress (it's too flumpy and casual for her tastes). For years she's been trying to get me to wear nicer clothes and use makeup or at least lotion or something (I can't stand putting goopy stuff on my skin that I don't immediately wash off). I'll wear something pretty if it's a costume, but I won't wear pretty stuff if it's regular clothing. But you know, I probably would if I was a guy. If I had been born male, I'd definitely glam it up every so often. I'd be sexy. Oh yeah.

Um... anyway... wow, it's getting late. I had dinner with Ben and Nick, and afterwards I was headed to the computer lab to send out the anime night reminder, but Ben said I could use his computer since my internet is still dead (grarrrr!). Then I watched him play Escape From Monkey Island for at least 4 hours. It's very entertaining. Must... resist... urge... to... buy... it... You... are... already... addicted... to... Age... of... Mythology... and... have... the... Titans... expansion... Think... of... your... grades... *cough* Right. None of that.

I need to cut my nails off. I woke up this morning with a mysterious scratch on my face (they tend to appear when my nails get too long... which is about normal length for most people), and they're really bugging me. Oh dear, if I'm talking about my nails, I must be really bored. Must... go... home... and... uh... sleep?

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