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Hee! Tuesday group was fun. We were supposed to come up with classes that should be taught at Allegheny, and I came up with a huge list of them. Next time I have my Tuesday group notebook handy, I'll post them. And I stayed up til 1 tossing the plague rat with Ben again (happens every time).

*Ade writes "Cannibalism in the 21st Century" down and giggles maniacally*
Thom: Who thinks Ade is writing about eating cheerleaders again?
*everyone raises their hands*
Emily: Hey, I was a cheerleader in high school!

I wonder if one can overdose on tea. You see, my mom is a hardcore tea drinker, and she always gives me tea at home. So naturally I'm a tea drinker too (I hate coffee anyway, except for mochas since they contain chocolate). I drink iced tea with my meals (I've been eating at McKinley's almost constantly since I don't want to walk to Brooks on the dangerously snowy sidewalks), and I usually have hot tea in the evening. No wonder I'm so laid back - the caffeine must constantly sedate me or something. Yes, caffeine has that effect on me (plus the added bonus of bathroom trips every 5 minutes). I have a huge variety of tea in my room, too. I feel so... uh... I don't know. Like I should make crumpets to go with them. What are crumpets anyway?

(Swiped from lttlredcorvette)

Dear Bush,

I hope your toddler penis rots and falls off, and then somebody steps on it and crushes it into little tiny pieces of rotten pseudo-shlong. And then I hope you get an itchy rash on your butt so that you can't sit down without scooching your butt around like dogs do on the carpeting. And I hope you and Rick Santorum hug and one or both of you gets a giant hard-on so that you both have to lie awake at night wondering if you're gay, and how your anti-gay policies are going to affect your life (I suppose that, for logistic reasons, this should happen before the penis rot). And I hope you get booted out of office in November.

no kisses for you,

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