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Random advice of the day: If you get a "sock wedgie" while wearing snow boots, don't ignore it and keep walking even though your achilles tendon is starting to sting.

Someone drove into a fire hydrant up the street from my house, and for a while water was gushing down North Main. Pretty dangerous, especially when it's freezing outside. As if the streets/sidewalks of Meadville weren't slippery enough already.

I actually did my psych homework today - before dinner! I'm so proud of myself. I woke up at 7 today to do my environmental science homework, so I'm running on 5 hours of sleep (weeeeee!). Lobotomies are freaky. We had to watch this CD-ROM video and answer questions, and at the end, this person was getting a lobotomy. I sank into my chair, winced, and clutched my scalp... it was very uncomfortable indeed. Medical stuff freaks me out. At least I didn't have one of those weird episodes where I feel faint, my vision blurs, my hearing fades, my ears ring, and I break into a cold sweat and feel tingly. Those are never pleasant. They rarely happen, usually when I get really grossed out, see/hear/think about certain medical stuff, or freak out because some doctor tries to poke me with a needle. I think they started when I was 7 or 8 and I had to stay in the room with my mom as her doctor burned the skin cancer off her leg. Scarred me for life. Yeah, that was gross.

Ok, I'll leave you with something not so gross. Ummm... kittens! And pie!

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