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After 4 years, I finally caught them all. Thank you. As I was trading my newly-evolved Jolteon to complete my Pokedex, I couldn't help thinking, "My Jolteon brings all the boys to the yard, and theyr'e like, it's better than yours, damn right, it's better than yours, I could train them, but I'd have to charge..." Gyarr! Thom, you should make a parody of that. And a dance! Hehehe... the N key keeps sticking on this stupid keyboard. Oh well, I'll see if I can rearrange my room tonight and get Damnyou hooked up to the network with the other jack.

There's a special interest house info session this evening, and since I've pretty much taken charge of the who-will-live-in-the-writers'-house-next-year deal, I suppose I should go to that. I also need to talk to Jamie, since she's not sure if she wants to live in the house next year, and we need to discuss custody of Dude since we're his mommies.

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