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And now, because it's amazing, a poem by Brandon:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
All my base are belong to you

Wow. Geek love poems. The prequel to gaming nookie. Weeeee!

My room looks crazy now. All the furniture is around the edges so there's all this room in the middle. There's a rug there, but nothing else. I should get a kiddie pool or something and fill it with plastic balls. But it's not as much fun when you're by yourself and don't have people to throw them at. Unless you count Alice the mannequin. I moved her by the window and put the hula outfit on her. The black wig is too small, so she can be a blue-haired hula dancer instead. Dude found all the rearranging fascinating, and he loves running around in the extra space and jumping onto the windowsill.

How come we never get snow days here? We always have class, even in really nasty weather. But one of my classes was cancelled today (though we waited 20 minutes or so) because the professor couldn't get out of her driveway AND almost had to take her husband to the emergency room. Craziness. They should at least call classes off when there's so much snow it's dangerous to drive. Ah well.

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