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New pictures! Mostly cats, but some from after homecoming... *evil laugh*

So I finally saw that episode of The Twilight Zone where all the mannequins come to life. Ben actually remembered to bring it, and he also brought some Monty Python's Flying Circus episodes, and we watched those after Golem. It was quite lovely.

And now, poetry. I wrote this in Abnormal today yet somehow managed to pay attention during most of the class. It's inspired by last night's discussion of how Nick is a balloon, and it also references the ongoing discussion of how he's not really gay, he just comes off that way sometimes (I say he's a lesbian, but he's so butch that he's actually male, though he's not a very butch male). I think I'll submit it to Golem. Enjoy.

He drifts like a lost balloon
floating with the icy wind
a fairy without wings
a kitten
on a waxy floor

You know what's really weird? A week or so ago, I decided to do a tarot reading for the heck of it, and the outcome card was the Lovers (it could mean friendship too). Today I was reading nymphedufeu's journal and saw a link to free online tarot readings and gave it a shot. I got the Lovers. Again. Hmmm... I think some supernatural force is trying to tell me something. I think it means I have nothing to fear and I shouldn't worry about social stuff because I have a solid base of friends I can rely on who care about me. Of course, I don't take divination too seriously, though sometimes it can be scarily accurate.

Love: The Lover
Touchstone: The Emperor
Career: The High Priestess
Despite a certain tendency towards doubts and indecision, the emotional front today is quite reassuring, dear Ade. The Emperor rules over your interactions with your friends and family: they support you, they let you cry on their shoulder, they offer you protection. Clearly, you have every reason to feel loved, and that rather diminishes the gravity of those eternal big questions that would otherwise torment you... As far as your work goes, you're determined to make some firm plans in your professional or community life. The High Priestess is lending you patience, while the Emperor is giving you discipline. You know exactly what you want to do and you have the iron will to see it through and make plans for the future. Luckily for you, this is a good day for developing a plan of action or for thinking about a change of career.

I want to draw something.

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