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Ah, another weekend. After lunch yesterday, Ben and I watched Rocky Horror AND Hedwig, which was fantastic. Then came the weekly dinner/games night/anime night/McKinley's ritual. Watching multiple people wrestle in the Quigley lobby is very entertaining.

Today is the Naruto marathon, and I'm actually thinking of bringing a hot pot and making lots of ramen since Naruto makes me crave ramen. Speaking of Naruto, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NICOLE/CHIBI/AUDREY/SARU!!!!! ET SMEW!!!!!!!! Me miss you! Whoah, talk about rhyme. Hee!

Ade: You shaved!
Robertson: Yes! Now I no longer have a beard that is luscious!
Ade: Ah, but now you have a smooth baby face.
Robertson: Well... actually it's not very smooth...

Hehe. Methinks he shaved because we were joking about his "luscious beard" at Tuesday group (Derek started it). Well, he actually looks better with a beard. Gives him character.

Well, back to the lab to see what's on the slab. That is, back to my room to see what's on the... uh, doom? *shrugs*

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