March 26th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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howdy, folks! today was... average. i played the sims too much, but i wrote an amusing story in tuesday group! with pickle-flavored grasshoppers! i'm up really late and carrie will probably harass me when i come back (if she isn't staying with anthony for the 3rd night in a row). oh well. they had a showing of "aimee and jaguar" as part of the lesbian and gay film series. i didn't like it, it was confusing, and i don't like holocaust stuff. i didn't really like the characters either. but they did a good job making the movie historical and emotional and such. the love scenes weren't that great either, not that i was watching them in particular ;)

i'm hungry. i should have eaten more dinner. i just had a cheese and tomato omelette, apple juice, and apple pie. oh well. maybe i'll have some string cheeeeeeeese!

well, off to bed, i'm already depriving myself of sleep and i have an 8:00 class tomorrow...
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