May 3rd, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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more quizzes! yay!

What Never Ending Story character are you?Yeah, Ceni did this.

woohoo! i'm evil! go me!

evil faerie is the bestest damn guild on neopets, so JOIN! NOW! my best friend made it and i'll kick you in the head if you don't join!


damn straight!

aww i'm so gawrsh darn cuuuuuuute...

i'm not a guy, but hey... if i was a transsexual chicks would dig me. i wish chicks digged me in the first place! i rock!

You are Cameron

You acted in cool movies like:

Charlie's Angels, Vanilla Sky, Being John Malkovich,

Very Bad Things, Life Less Ordinary

and There's Something About Mary.

Take the "Which Hollywood Princess are you?"
quiz @

what the? how did i get that? oh well.

Which Winona Are You?

never seen the movie, but hey, it fits!


If I was an Invader Zim Character, I'd be:

Click to see what Invader Zim Character you could be!

Take the Invader Zim personality test

muhahahahaaaaaa never underestimate the power of the little people!

Which Lady Marmalade whore are you?
Which Lady Marmalade who are you?

eh... i'm not a whore. i don't even know why i took that test. but i'm queen, i'll give ya that!
"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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oyyyy today i handed in 3 papers, took a test, participated in a discussion of activist projects (go HERE for mine!), and generally stressed out so much i wanted to pop. however, laura came to visit me after visiting groove city college (hehe) and even though she only stayed for about 20 minutes i was really happy to see her. she found her way through the labyrinth that is my dorm, i am so amazed!

anyway... phew, only 1 more paper to do, due monday, then tuesday i'm outta here! packing, packing, packing... oh and i gotta reply to emails, finally post this neopets guild contest thing that took place last month, write the promised RHPS erotica, and eat up all the food i have left, not to mention doing dishes. weeeeeeee!
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