May 6th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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whooooo tomorrow i'm outta here! but i have a 7-10-page paper due 7 pm... eek i need to get cracking after my morning routine. i also need to pack pack pack!

i got into the alpha sci-fi/fantasy/horror writing workshop this summer! i'm tremendously excited! i gotta get in touch with megan to see if she was accepted too! knowing her, probably. she's an amazing writer. aaaaaaaaand i can't wait to get the new kitten! we're probably naming her "chipper." it's kinda cute. good thing my family came up with a name before i started suggesting names, or i'd end up with my feelings hurt. i don't think my family would like to name a kitten magenta, jezebel, alianora, or any other of my crazed name ideas. maybe i'll get a purple fish and name it magenta. but i like kitties better, you can cuddle them and they don't die after a week. *sigh*

gotta stop by jessica's sometime to get my tshirt and give her the money. go argo! yeehaw we are nerds with an attitude!

i think i had a dream where i was at giant eagle last night. hmmm.
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