May 8th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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i wanted riff raff or frank! oh well. rocky can be my sex slave. muhahahahaaaaa...

i have a job interview at 3. eek. then i'm going to come back, finish writing that rhps erotica like i promised a couple weeks ago (oh, the stress of it all...), and put in on like the twisted child i am. then i must finish unpacking.

i got back yesterday and talked to at least 5 of my friends on the phone (i feel so popular... and i'm not...). it was both a relief and somewhat sad to go home. i don't have the computer in my room any more (down in the basement with all the fun stuff - at least i get a roomier desk), but i don't have to hike up multiple flights of stairs to go to my room. now i can freely download music (hoorah!) and get my dad to fix all my computer problems instead of whining, slamming the mouse down, screwing the computer up even more, and bursting into tears. now i have to drink milk for dinner every night and go through apple juice withdrawal. but i have most of my closest friends within an hour so i can bother them. we can go to chinese restaurants, have sleepovers and stay up til 4 talking and being silly, watch a lot of movies, prance around in funny costumes, play risk (and watch my inner napoleon complex manifest), play "scare the neighbors" and go door-to-door in ridiculous outfits saying hi to everyone, go to the ren fest (later this summer), corrupt each other, and so forth! sure i'll miss some of my allegheny friends (i had a lot of acquaintances but i did connect with a couple people semi-deeply, i guess) but my friends here mean everything to me. and of course my sister is going to have all her friends over and they're going to bother me and want to dress up my mannequin (hehe) and i can hear all the latest franklin regional middle school gossip. what a joy.

i gotta go potty. bye bye!
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