May 15th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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well, my dad said we'd go to lunch at 11:30, and here it is 11:38 and we're both still down here, typing away... i haven't eaten anything today and i'm HUNGRY! let's get moving!

i had an interesting dream last night. in the fun part (i'll skip the stupid parts), this girl, apparently my sister, was going through the woods to this place, and the woods lit up for her to find it. well, i was walking through the woods looking for the place too and trying to avoid being blinded by the multicolored lights on the trees. i found a circle of kids holding hands, and i joined with some other people. we were holding hands and either raising energy or praying, and some of us raised our arms in the air while holding hands. i closed my eyes and raised my arms in the air, feeling really spiritual. i think my friend was next to me. then i got tired, and some of the people left but their forms were still there, as if they had turned to stone or something. i fell asleep leaning on the form of a kid next to me and thought how it was worth $8000 or something (what the?). then apparently the outside world was amazed by the lit-up woods and decided to cash in on it. i was outside the woods (apparently a lot of people were going through the woods at night), and there was this castle. the person playing the princess stood at the top, and there was someone at the bottom. a window opened, and the woman in the window and the princess started singing "our little world." (from "into the woods," but i think that song is only on the london version - great song, makes me kinda sad) then i was in a room with other women and my friend megan, and apparently she was in the "play" thing too. i was telling her to wear all these funky semi-bondage clothing items as a joke. then there were these other stupid parts and i woke up. i like the idea of the woods, the circle, and singing "our little world." super nifty!

ok, it's 10:48 and it looks like we're going to lunch now! yum!
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