June 20th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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like my new picture? heh heh...

i edited and rewrote portions of my "runaway mannequin" story, and i need to finish the art for it in photoshop and then send it to the people so they can work with it. i figure it's good enough for the planetarium reading in july. meanwhile, bitch the mannequin is standing 10 feet away, looking regal in purple and black tank tops, black shorts, mardi gras beads, a purple pointy "princess" hat, plastic jelly bangles, a powerpuff girls watch, and funky rings. i really need a digital camera, i want to make a website all about her and take pictures of her during various "adventures" and such...

yesterday was my dad's 47th birthday and he apparently didn't care. his mom and brother called twice but he wasn't around because he was away almost all day at meetings and stuff. meanwhile, i was at home doing chores and stuff. oh well, i went to giant eagle and got some ramen noodles and stuff.

i should do something interesting today. i haven't done anything interesting since tuesday. maybe i should pick up the phone and call someone. tomorrow is midsummer! woohoo, i should wear my "fairy power" shirt and prance among the daisies.
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