June 27th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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my dad wants me to make another batch of muffins today since everybody devoured the first batch yesterday. i also need to upload more stories to my new "acceptable for grownups to look at" site and finish making business cards. and megan and i want/need to get together today and act silly and such.

i had a fun dream last night. i only remember part of it, but i was with dr. evil, mini-me, and his "gang" (not the movie characters, just a bunch of tough-looking people). we were in apparently a hotel lounge or something and i was jumping up and down yelling "i wanna be part of the gang too! and i want my own mini-me!" i was pulling these tiny white plastic things that looked like toy soldiers out of my hair, and this tough dude asked me, "are you evil?" i said, "yes i'm evil! i'm very evil! i'm in the evil faerie guild [on neopets]! just ask megan!" i think megan was standing nearby but not really doing anything. then he asked me something like, "do you kill people? do you beat them up?" i said "i don't kill people, but i can beat up people!" then i either had a memory of being attacked and fighting people off, or people did attack me and i was fighting them off. so they were going to let me try anyway, and i was waiting for my own mini-me. i guess we were all walking around these docks, and under one part these big shark-shaped shadows were moving around in the water below. a sign said "no shark fishing." i walked around the docks, saw alligator boat things, dolphin-like creatures lined up with prices near them, and other creatures we could rent to ride around on the water. i went back to the shark area, and someone gave me a fishing pole (ooh, going shark-fishing... i'm such a rebel...). this other lady had a pole and went fishing, caught a kid in a life jacket, got her line tangled, and had to throw the kid back to his friend. i fished, thought i caught a huge shark, but pulled up a weird seaweed-like creature with a tiny frog on top. the frog was kind of tangled in the net that had apparently caught it, and it was about 1/2 an inch and bluish-green and shimmery. it was so pretty. it just sat there while we untangled it, and somehow the hook got stuck on my tongue. we eventually freed it and threw it back. then the area was a pool and dr. evil and mini-me came out of a cupboard in the side and were in the pool. someone was hanging on to the side with people hanging on to her, and then i was in the water, holding on to the side. dr. evil and mini-me hung on to me, and dr. evil grabbed my chest. i said, "hey, don't touch me there!" so he stopped. then i said, "mini-me, you can." so mini-me, um, grabbed me, and i could feel the squeezing somehow (ok, that was just weird...) the people around us were either laughing or disgusted. that's all i remember.

ah well, better get busy...
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