June 29th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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wow. i've been actually busy lately. on thursday i worked on my new site, then i went to go pick up megan in a killer storm in my dad's car, which i'm not very familiar with. well, i managed to get the wipers working, but i couldn't figure out how to defrost the windows. they were REALLY foggy and i was almost panicking and thinking i'mgonnadiei'mgonnadie and praying and yelling at the rain to stop it cuz i couldn't see what the fuck i was doing. also, on the way there, one of the roads was closed so i had to turn around and go a way i'm not familiar with. i finally figured how to defrost the windows and then the rain finally stopped, so i made it to megan's, though i was REALLY shaken up. we went back to my house and watched hedwig and the angry inch, then went to border's. i got a magazine, a book on writing magic (i have no poetic ability and usually just say what's on my mind and get stuck when my head goes blank...), and this cute little book about PEZ (ohhhhhhhhyeah!).

last night megan and i went to a networking party for writers. there were mostly older people there, and i was really nervous, being extremely shy and having issues with humans. i talked to a few people, ate a few cookies, and then megan and i collaborated on writing this stupid yet hilarious poem. we met this really nice, funny girl named nora who's going to the alpha writing workshop this summer too. and this other girl emily called (she was at another writing workshop and couldn't go to the party) and talked to us. she was really nice too, and she says she's around my height :D hooray! well, being me, at first i was really quiet, but then nora, megan, and i started talking and laughing and having fun and some others joined us for a while. after my parents came to get us, megan stayed overnight and then in the morning she got addicted to simcity (the original 2d version) and we watched the emperor's new groove. we played scattergories, then went over to her house for dinner. we played some donkey kong and then watched that episode of buffy where buffy's mom dies (great, a depressing tv show, just what i need to influence my dreams...).

and now, i sit here, playing neopets, downloading stuff, and writing this. woohoo.

we're going to go visit my sister at camp tomorrow. i just love being up at camp, though it breaks my heart that i'm too old to go now. maybe i'll borrow my little cousin someday, pose as her mom, and go there for family camp. ohhhh i just miss camp. it was so great. even in my most obnoxious, immature years i still had friends, people always cared about me, and they were always there to listen. it was so different from home, where i had few friends (and in my junior high years, my friendships were very unstable and i didn't trust most of my friends). people there were just nice. ah well. my sis says i should work there next year, but i have some serious social issues, and i wouldn't make a good staff member. plus, they cut riflery this year, which was a major part of camp for me. what would i do there? i don't have the skills to be a counselor or do anything but work in the craft hall or office. my sister said i could work in the kitchens (and see cheese, the official camp commedian and maker of bug juice), but really, i wouldn't make a good staff member. *sigh* oh well.

anyway, back to stuff.
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