July 6th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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well, things have been interesting. on thursday megan and i saw the fireworks over the mall (yep, a celebration of america on display right over a good ol' american icon...) from the kmart parking lot. she got carded at kmart for buying a violent computer game :) she didn't have any ID so she used mine because i'm nice. i bought a polly pocket fairy playset necklace thingy - yep, i'm mature. i stayed at megan's house and we watched "requiem for a dream." it was done really well, but i didn't particularly like it because it was really disturbing and didn't have a happy disney ending. i like happy disney endings. then we watched the edited version of "once more, with feeling" so now i understand the context of all those buffy songs (bunnies, bunnies, it must be BUNNIES!). we stayed up til around 4:30 talking. her older sister called at 4 am because her purse had been stolen. sheesh. way to cause mayhem. the next day, they took their kitty to the vet... and apparently coco has cancer and isn't going to live much longer. aww... so sad... it kinda makes me appreciate belle that much more (i do adore my cat, it just kinda made me realize how much she means to me and how much it would hurt to lose her...). megan is pretty upset about it, though it hasn't really hit her full force yet. *sigh* life is delicate. cancer sucks. my nana has lung cancer, but she's going through chemo and seems to be doing well. i'm not all that worried about her. my aunt had heart surgery and that went well... until it got infected. but she's recovering. for some reason an animal's illness disturbs me more than a human's, even a relative's. i guess i connect more with animals than i do with people, and animals just seem so innocent compared with the evilness that resides in humanity.

anyway, enough depressing stuff. today was interesting, i went to a car wash for the alpha workshop (in a little over 2 weeks!) and met rachel, who seems nice but quiet. megan and i were holding signs and making up stupid songs, and we bought squirt guns and ran around squirting each other and fighting over the hose. yep, we're real mature. i got completely drenched, but it was a lot of fun. but she got the big one and i got the little one... humph. oh well. i have a bigger water gun in my drawer anyway! *evil laugh* gosh, whenever my sister comes home (my family is due back any time now...), she'll be in for it. i'm in such a squirty mood. but it's nearly 10 now, so she'll be tired and i'll be wide awake and i'll get yelled at. oh well.

ah, i feel like such a child. here i am, 19 years old, and i feel 6. which is a good thing, in my opinion.
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