July 17th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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whooo. just took my sis and neighbor to the pool. i spent 3 hours today putting labels, stickers, and stamps on stuff for my dad. standing up. the backs of my knees hurt for a while.

last night i went to a "feast" at laura's house. i drove my dad's car, which i'm not very familiar with, but that's ok. i went to giant eagle first to snag some pringles and ramen noodles, then i went to pick up megan. we arrived at laura's at the same time as spam, and i put on the gray "lana" (the one that makes me look like a bag of wet cement or a cloud). she gave us these thingies that were basically yogurt and peaches in a cup. i'm not fond of peaches, but i ate it anyway. it was OK. then we were playing around with megan's beach ball, and we ate stuff. it was pretty good, too. then we decided to play with the beach ball some more, only we coated it with water from the froggy sprinkler thingy (i used the bird bath, and they accused me of cheating!) which made it that much more interesting. i kept kicking the ball because i was too lazy to hit it, and megan kept scolding me and grabbing my wrists and telling me to HIT the ball and i couldn't stop laughing. laura's 14-year-old, justin timberlake look-alike brother will joined us, and spam kept attacking him. when it turned dark, laura brought out candles and spam and will were being pyromaniacs and burning things. we made "mudt" (coffee and hot chocolate - mmm!) and i got 2 rides in the wheelbarrow - one from will and one from megan. i tried to give megan a ride in the wheelbarrow, but it didn't work since i'm not strong enough to push someone of her greatness. i was strong enough to tip the wheelbarrow over (accidentally!), but the wheel just wouldn't move on the grass. oh well. i let spam squirt a whipped cream smiley face on my belly (now THAT was interesting!) and then i smeared it around and it felt funny. when i washed it off with the hose, the front of my pants got soaked. laura gave us green mint jello which was kind of gross, but i suppose it was better than the mint pancakes she said she was going to make that we had to try. yuck. i flung some at megan and she tipped my chair over backwards and i had trouble getting up. heh heh heh... but anyway, when it was really late i changed and we left. when i passed the school complex (around 11 pm), megan asked if i wanted to go on the playground. i said sure, so we pulled in by the kindergarten playground. spam was behind us driving home, so she pulled in too. we hung around the playgrounds (we went to the other playground too) for a while, and i started singing "the origin of love" (from "hedwig and the angry inch") and megan got annoyed and started pushing me really high on the swings (i get kinda scared when i go too high) and then when i got off she started chasing me around (running while singing is interesting, particularly when you're so out of shape you can't run fast - oh well, megan and i run at the same speed despite our height differences). after i finished singing, spam and i mooned the senior high, then i flashed it. HAHAAAAAAAAAAA take that, franklin! wow. i feel so... rebellious? anyway, after that it was pretty late so we decided to leave. so i took megan home, then went home and went online for a while. then i went to bed. hooray.

and that's my story. have a nice day, please!