July 18th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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yahhhhhhhhoooooooooooiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee i got the "hedwig and the angry inch" soundtrack in the mail this morning, i started listening to it but my DAD called right after the first song and then i got distracted... oh well, i have all day to listen to it! i also need to watch "ghost world" because i rented it a few days ago and it's due back tomorrow... maybe this afternoon.

ooh, this looks interesting...

(ten bands you've seen live) - well, they're not ALL bands...
tori amos
alanis morrisette (with tori on the 5 1/2 weeks tour in 1999 i think)
my friend kathy (she used to occasionally play at the american music cafe)
commonplace (this band from texas that played at american music once)
hanson (hey, stop throwing things at me!)
the bouncing souls
and then the other bands that played as openers for hanson and the bouncing souls (i forget...)

(nine things you're looking forward to)
the alpha workshop on sunday
listening to the hedwig soundtrack today
watching "ghost world"
getting this book i ordered in the mail
eating ramen noodles
whenever i get to fence next
an email from a friend
getting a kitten

(eight things that you wear daily)
candy-wrappers (hehe)
a t-shirt
my pentacle necklace
and that's it, though i usually wear socks, shoes, and a sweatshirt too

(seven things that annoy you)
having to go potty
when a friend calls and proceeds to ramble about boring, mindless topics for hours
my sister
my computer (sometimes)
when there's no apple juice left
the "evilness" (the feminine kind)
people who constantly misspell stuff and use bad grammar

(six things you touch every day)
my bed
my mouse (on the computer)
the fridge
my face
my keychains
my hair (yeah, i pull it occasionally too)

(five things you do every morning)
open my eyes
lay around for at least an hour before sitting up
brush my hair
take a shower
scratch my face

(four people you'd like to spend more time with)
leanne (i hadn't seen her in nearly 2 years but i saw her last week and she keeps promising to come visit me and never does...)
my grandma
my cousin kara

(three movies you could watch over and over)
the rocky horror picture show
hedwig and the angry inch
the emperor's new groove

(two of your favourite songs at the moment) - they're both from 2 of the movies above
sweet transvestite
the origin of love

(one person you could spend the rest of your life with)
myself (i love me!)

and that's that. oy, i gots stuff ta do now! byeeeeeee!
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