August 17th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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oy. those soft tacos i had for dinner are rebelling against my internal organs. ah well. masking tape is evil. i saw "legally blonde," and it was quite funny. sure, shallow people irritate me, but some have their good qualities, and they're funny. i shouldn't have such a prejudice against sorority girls, though. after all, my roommate became a kappa alpha theta last year, and she was pretty nice. pretty normal too, the opposite of me :)

a week in vermont. tomorrow the renfest. and a good friend was recently laid off. sheesh, no wonder i haven't heard from her in weeks. i was starting to get worried. oy. things are so bipolar. every time i'm happy, something sad comes along, but every time i'm sad, something happy comes along. hmmm, maybe if i make an effort to be sad all the time, good things will happen a lot. nah, that wouldn't work. oh well. i go off-topic way too much.

some family friends were staying at our house while we were away (they were neighbors until they moved last year, and we visited their house on the way to vermont). jack (a tall, 14-year-old with a recently-deepened voice, future fighter pilot apparently) was going to stay in my room. well, he walked in, looked around, then walked back out and said "i am NOT staying in here!" i guess my room just freaked him out (the giant tori amos poster, the witch hanging over my bed, the velma doll holding a velma doll, not to mention all the other weird, random stuff i have there). his mom said he probably realized it was my personal space and didn't want to disrupt it. i guess my room has a protective aura to it. plus, he's a fairly normal kid and i'm an exceptionally weird girl. so he slept in the nice, inoffensive guest room. apparently he and his brother (who had no problem staying in my sister's girly room) looked at some of my books though - the more "normal" ones. i guess they passed on the witchcraft books and flipped through the mad magazine books and the little books of iq tests. also, my beloved mannequin freaked jack out. she's been standing in the basement for a while, and whenever people go down there they jump because they think a person is there. well, jack was scared to go down there because of the "thing," so his dad moved the mannequin to the closed-off workshop area. hehe...

ah well. must get to bed soon, for i'm going to the ren fest early tomorrow!
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