September 28th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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haha, you should go to this place and it will give you fun random journal bits if you have a paid account. put your username in the address bar in place of mine, and have fun!

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"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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i woke up with "the freshman" by the verve pipe in my head. i dreamed that i was somehow in trouble because these two girls i know (not mentioning names) had done something bad on top of one of the buildings (i don't know what it was, maybe they took something) and i was involved. i think they asked me about something, and somebody caught us up there on the roof. it was bizarre. then i somehow got hold of these *interesting* dvds from a sorority, and i'll skip over all the r-rated dream parts (if you're a pervert and want to hear them, ask me privately...). some younger people were in trouble, and there was a part about driving around a corner on some road or walking there... i forget. then it seemed like i was walking up this road near my house, only it had turned to a stream. "the freshman" was playing in the background, and it depressed me. i was holding back tears while walking up next to the stream, and i found all these newspapers with many comics sections (this is what i get for cleaning my room late at night). i was trying to read them, but the song was overpowering me and i was trying not to cry. then i woke up near the end of the song.
i hadn't heard that song in a while until i decided to play this old mix tape last night. when i was 14, at camp my cabin decided to make a mix tape, and we all contributed. someone put "the freshman" on it, so the song probably got embedded into my subconscious from playing the tape. i don't know why it was THAT particular song... i really can't relate to it, as it's about losing virginity as a teenager. It's my last year being a teenager (thank Goddess!), and i haven't lost my virginity yet. And I'm not a freshman either and probably never will be again. so why that song? i dunno...

i was wearing my big happy gray hoodie in the rain yesterday, so of course it got all wet. but i wore it this morning and it was still damp... curses, i wanna be warm! *rummages around for another warm hoodie and finds a black sweatshirt* i'm still in my pjs, and it's 11:25 am. silly ade! maybe i should put on some real clothes and go have lunch and then come back and shower and get dressed again and do some psych reading since i only read the 1st chapter and we have an exam on the 1st 4 chapters on monday... eep! my parents come at 5... so i suppose i'll have to go shopping tomorrow. i need foooooood and stuff for my art project!

i think i'll move my "a mermaid" by waterhouse poster to another wall, since my closet door likes to hide it. it can go on the other side of my computer. i also need to fix my hedwig poster since one of the corners is all kerflaffeled. speaking of posters, i had dinner with nick yesterday and he said the people in the writers house didn't notice that their posters were upside-down until thursday morning. hahahahahaaaaa we're so evil. i don't think they'll let ben, nick, and me stay in the house alone any more. twisted posters, rearranged furniture, shoes in the fridge...

well, must be off. byeeeeee!
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"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

holy cheese, blow it out your mule!

don't ask.

family weekend, and my parents and katie are visiting. katie is still as dumb and obnoxious as ever. but we brought the mannequin up and reassembled her. of course, they stripped her before bringing her, so all she's wearing right now is a black bra. well, i can change that. i'll give her some fun underwear and dress her up! she can even wear my panda porn star ears if she wants! she needs a wig. we left the clown wig at home. i should get her a hedwig wig... THAT would rock!

walmart run tomorrow! i need ramen noodles and gatorade and sculpture thingies and STUFF! i also need to deposit my check. we may go out for breakfast (provided i wake up at a decent hour).

let's do the time warp again...