September 29th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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phew. parents left. well, today we went to walmart and bought a LOT of stuff (food, a grab-it mop, art supplies, etc.) and they came to fencing practice with me. i showed katie some fencing maneuvers and dressed her up in the gear and battled a little. she wanted to go in the weight room, so we went in for a few minutes. my dad took apart the top bunk, so i FINALLY have that thing out of the way so i can get to the window, not have to stare at the creepy elf face, and i don't bonk my head 50 times a day. yay!

my mannequin is all dressed and purty! the thing is, right now she's in a position where she's perpetually staring at the bed. this will freak me out when i'm trying to sleep, so i might move her.

i got a bucket! yeah! now i can dye my argo shirt! i'd leave it white, but i have issues with white clothing so i'll dye it light purple so i can wear it.

eep, gotta read 2 1/2 more psych chapters and study for the exam tomorrow! toodles!
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