September 30th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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i just had my 2nd piece of pumpkin pie tonight. my parents just HAD to leave pie for me when they KNOW i don't have a fridge... fortunately i persuaded them to just give me 2 pieces and take the rest home. no way i'm keeping a pie in here with no fridge. oh well. i guess i'll have to eat all this fruit in the next few days too. hooray for non-perishable food items!

so here was my day:

- woke up
- had a shower
- finished reading chapter 4 of sex and gender
- breakfast
- sex and gender cramming (wait, that didn't sound right...)
- brit. lit. (yay shakespeare! prof. bulman is hilarious!)
- lunch
- more PSYCHOLOGY cramming
- sex and gender exam (fairly easy, i think i did well)
- got a package i ordered from (i don't usually shop there, but i had an old gift card and saw some cute wings) - a kids butterfly costume (wings and a headband with springy ball thingies) and a black shirt that says "witchy."
- slacking around on the computer
- argo meeting
- dinner with the argo crew (nothing exciting, just pizza and salad...)
- went to the studio to work on my sculpture - managed to attach the wood pieces for the "box" (thin, cardboardy wood doesn't nail well - good thing i had glue and duck tape), do some paper mache on a couple bottles and the wire arm bases, and glued screen stuff to the wire wing bases i made. we have a couple weeks to do this project (he didn't give us a due date yet), but i have so many things to do i'm trying to do as much as i can early on.
- more computer slacking
- read a LITTLE of the intro to "the tempest" but got distracted by the pie
- and i hope to at least start one of the essays for the brit. lit. midterm due friday. i have 4 nights to write 3 essays (2 3-paged and 1 2-paged).

my sister called and tried to sell me some magazines, but i don't read magazines. i did recently subscribe to "realms of fantasy" though, but that's because it's a great fiction mag and thomas seay (also known as "non-british thomas" to those in the 2002 alpha workshop) is going to be published in it in a few months! hooray! he's only 18, and already he's selling stuff. he's an inspiration to the rest of us in the workshop to keep writing and submitting. plus, thomas is one of the nicest guys i've ever met, not to mention more mature than all the rest of the alphans combined (except jessa, who is THE most mature 12-year-old i've ever met). anyway... magazines. right. so i said NO, but katie kept suggesting things like seventeen, people, cosmo girl... all the stuff i REFUSE to read. i think i was kinda harsh rejecting her though (talking about how stupid and shallow the magazines she suggested are and saying i don't WANT any magazines), and i feel bad. oh well, she can pester the other relatives and our neighbors. she just needed to sell 4 more subscriptions to get a lava lamp or something, and she'd do just about anything to get what she wants. she'll probably be a telemarketer someday.

why do 50 million pop-up ads appear when you're on a porn site? how come when you close the window twice as many pop up? are they ALL linked or what? silly people. porn is dumb nowadays... *notices the shocked stares* yeah, screw you too.

i think i'll wear my happy panda ears tomorrow. i wore them the entire weekend of confluence (i made an interesting impression at my first convention, even though i was with a group of crazy teenagers...) but i haven't worn them here yet. plus, the people here won't get the joke when i say "i'm a panda porn star!" the joke has to do with this "weekly world news" slade had that i was flipping through. there was a little mini-article about "panda porn" (attempting to help raise the panda population by showing hardcore animal xxx) and we found it hilarious. the next day at the science center, they had panda ears in the gift shop... i HAD to have them. they're quite amazing, but they don't really fit on my mannequin's head because she has no hair. ah well. yes, i'll definitely wear the ears tomorrow.
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