October 19th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"


Wow. I just had the most amazing evening. See, I spent the day sitting around in my room, playing computer games and decorating for Halloween, and I went over to McKinley's for dinner. Dinner went by, Forrest (a freshman who's in ARGO and fencing) sat with me, and after dinner I saw Nick and sat with him while he ate. We discussed napkin appreciation and stuff, and then he mentioned the homecoming dance. He wasn't planning on going, and neither was I, but then we started talking about going wearing... strange things. We went over to the writers house to see if they had a dress he could borrow, and he ended up borrowing a skirt. Then we went to the meditation house, where he borrowed a shirt. We went to my room, and I put on my nun costume! Complete with the pentacle necklace. We walked around before going to the dance and talked to people, and I got a chance to talk to Jen again, which made me happy because I hadn't seen her since May (except for briefly at anime night yesterday). We went over to the dance, and there were only a few people there, which was disappointing. But we got free food and shocked people. It was great fun! Afterwards, we went back to the writers house, and he dropped off the skirt and we talked to people for a bit. Finally he went back to the meditation house to return the shirt, and I headed back to my room. Wow, what a fun night. I thought it would be so boring. I'm still wearing the habit. Yes, I did take pictures, but they're at the beginning of the roll. And Nick looks good in a peasant top and hippie skirt.

So that was my fun day. Tomorrow there's fencing, but that's probably all that's happening (as far as I know...). Yay!
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