October 24th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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fuck you, dave. not only did class run 20 minutes overtime because it takes forever to critique things when we were standing most of the time and my heels and knees ached, but now we have to tell you our plans for the installation projects by 1 tomorrow. well, today is really busy (i have no free time between 3 and 9 except around 15 minutes to eat dinner) and the only time my partner and i (not THAT kind of partner!) can talk to you about our project is 6:30. argh! and he wants us to bring in our materials on tuesday, but i NEED my mannequin for halloween! after that i can bring her, but she's a vital accesory in this year's halloween festivities!

at 3 i have film, and the one we're watching is going until 5:45 (we BETTER get a 5-minute break sometime during that class!), and at 6 there's that "greek goddess" thing i want to see (i get a kick out of drag, though it pisses me off that they're just going to make fun of the guys for wearing dresses and singing). then at 6:30 i'm meeting with my partner and dave, and at 7 there's fencing. somebody shoot me.

on the other hand, the fencing club is thinking about making a website, and knowing me, i'll jump right in and end up taking on more work than i can handle. phooey. oh well.

i'll be back to my usual, chipper self after 9, hopefully, and tomorrow i'll be fine. but today is going to be hectic. i feel like yelling or crying or hitting something or just exploding. rrrrrrrrr.........
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