October 29th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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*sigh* my happy gray hoodie isn't keeping me warm any more. it's just too cold outside. so i'll have to resort to my big, bulky, flumpy sweatshirts and *gasp* coats. i also want my fuzzy blue pjs that i left at home! i think i should go home next weekend (i'd rather go home this weekend, but i have exams and stuff next week i'll need to concentrate on) and pick up some of my winter clothes and stuff. i won't get a chance to pick up my winter stuff until thanksgiving, and we're going down to florida, so i need my winter stuff very soon. it's freeeeeezing here, and this year the heaters in brooks only work sporadically, when i don't care about being warm and cozy.

my partner decided not to show up for art today, so since i couldn't discuss the project with her, i sat around and drew stuff for 2 hours. i also moved my dolls in their box downstairs to the alcove by the auditorium. most of the people in my class moved their sculptures there too. mine is on a pedestal. i wonder if people will go up and play with the dolls. i hope so. i should put a sign on it saying "have fun" or something. yay, my work is in the middle of the campus center for all to see and gawk at. i can see it now...

person 1: what the... is that HEDWIG?!?!?!
person 2: yeah! hey, who's the chick with the wings?
1: dude, let's arrange these!
2: okay! hehehe a styrofoam bunny rabbit!
1: and this guy has a mullet!
2: is it a guy or a chick?
1: dude, beats me. hey, let's make this cave dude with the spear hunt it!
2: okay!

riiiiiiight. hey, wanna hear part of a poem i'm writing? it's not finished, but i'm going to finish it sometime before 9 tonight so i can read it at the poetry reading and amaze everyone with my lack of poetic ability.

pomegranate blood

its blood is an acquired taste
each seed wrapped in a bittersweet tear
hundreds and hundreds in a thick-skinned orb
each fruit like bubble wrap waiting to be popped
its watery blood drips down your knife
ripened seeds spill from the mother fruit

that's what i have so far. i want to mention something about persephone and death and the wheel of the year and stuff, but it'll come to me eventually. i was eating part of a pomegranate yesterday and the poem decided to come, so i thought about it on the way to the argo meeting and grabbed some paper as soon as i got there. i like pomegranates...

i'm also going to read one of megan's poems, since she's an amazing poet. i think this would be appropriate.
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"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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i love this album. i'm in love with scarlet's walk. it's so amazing.

anyway, the poetry reading went well. i read 2 of megan's poems and the pomegranate one i finished. i got compliments on it, so i guess it's not too bad. maybe if i tweak it some more it will even be good. yay! people loved my nun costume too, especially with the pentacle and fairy wings. hmmm, how can i make it more interesting for thursday? i'll figure something else.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh why is it always freezing at this hour? the heater never works until right after i go to bed, when it makes all sorts of hissing and banging noises and keeps me awake. and then it only heats the half of the room i'm not in, when i'm in bed and keeping warm under many layers anyway.

i want my fuzzy warm pjs! *sob* and i wish my favorite hoodie would keep me warm all winter, but apparently it's only good for spring, summer, and early fall. but it SNOWED today and it made me very happy though i was freezing. i remembered to wear my gloves, that's good. laura left me a voicemail message while i was at lunch, and she was freaking out and overjoyed because of the snow, so i looked outside and saw it and got all excited too. i called her this evening and we had an interesting chat. i should go visit her at groove city and show all the conservative christians what a REAL, LIVE PAGAN looks like. well, a vertically challenged pagan anyway. only a few of us are this short, and i doubt many look anything like me. but anyway, it would be fun.

cold hands... warm feet... wanna get in bed... but at least the background music is wonderful!
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