November 4th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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yay! ...but i don't do poetry very often. i came out with two that i actually like in the past month though. woohoo!

i was just thinking of talking about my writing too. you see, college is so draining, and my internet addiction is so severe, i don't do as much creative writing as i should. now i do plenty of writing, if you count my lj posts, but all the ideas in my head are piling up and i don't let them out. it's like i'm in labor but my cervix isn't dilated. sorry for the gross simile, but my stories are my babies. i give birth to them (not literally, otherwise i'd have paper cuts in an inconvenient location), i raise them, and i try to shape them into beautiful things. however, no parent has complete control over her children, and often my stories develop on their own, too. i can only do so much for them. and my characters definitely speak their mind. in 10th or 11th grade i wrote this depressing thing with a semi-happy ending. i was angry and hurt (friend troubles), and part of the story mirrored what i was going through, but it wasn't very good. but out of the crap came maggie. along with her friends dana, mona, and her ex-friend linda. i love maggie, and i frequently use her in my stories, through different phases of her life (mostly from age 9 to her 30s). she emerged from the story and told me: "i'm not suffering from clinical depression, silly. and i'm not morbidly obese either, i'm just fat. i'm a compulsive overeater. plus, my best friend is more mature than that." dana arose beside maggie and said, "that's right. maggie is kind of an outcast, and so am i. but i'm more of a shy nerd. i'm not interested in boys, and after maggie's big fight with linda, i'm kind of wary of linda myself." then linda charged in and said, "i am NOT that evil and airheaded! i just want a normal life, and she's not making it any easier for me!" meanwhile, mona just sat on the locker room bench, where she first emerged, smiled, and said, "i like me the way i am. i have issues." so i started writing a novel, and my characters were satisfied. i sporadically worked on it, but i dropped it in 11th grade and didn't pick up again until a few months ago. then i realized it was completely boring, too young-adulty, and maggie had too many issues to deal with at once. plus, there wasn't much magic going on. but the magical element came from maggie's older sister, marina. now she was originally a background character, maggie's liberal lesbian wiccan sister who was basically the older sister i never had, but then marina came over to me and asked for a bigger role. "i'm too cool to be JUST her sister." she said. "write a story about ME! and i love maggie, let me play a bigger part in her life and corrupt her a bit." i looked back at marina and said, "you're right. oh, and your girlfriend is pretty interesting too. let's get her in here." so i started writing more about marina and brenda, digging into their souls and telling their life stories. recently dana has been tugging at my sleeve, saying, "hey, what about me? i'm maggie's best friend. we're going to live together when we're older." and maggie said, "yeah, the prime of my life will be in my late 20s, that's much more interesting than my 8th grade life." so more ideas came, and now my head is so full it's going to burst. i should just write a whole series about them, from birth til... no, they won't die. they're immortal in my mind. they're like my friends, only imaginary, and i love them almost as much as i love my real friends. they live through my children, the stories i create.

and then there are the tuesday group stories. sometimes they're developed, other times i just make them up as they go along. they're short and usually very silly. though they're really the products of "affairs," they're still my kids, and some are better than others. but sometimes tuesday group is the only time all week i'll do creative writing, so i'll take what i can get. i really need to write more.

if you've never met my kids, hop on over to my site, go to the writing section, and read the stories. feedback is also appreciated.
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