November 7th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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What Flavour Are You? Hmmm... Tastes like Chicken.Hmmm... Tastes like Chicken.

Am I chicken? Am I a frog? Am I human? All unfamiliar meats taste like chicken, and that's what I am, an unfamiliar meat. What Flavour Are You?

i figured so. i once told my friend that i'm made out of chicken and i have apple juice for blood, since i used to eat a lot of chicken and i always have apple juice. yes folks, i'm MYSTERY meat! ha!

anyway, in art we were having a little too much fun again. ally brought a blue wig for the mannequin, and sue buck (one of the art teachers) saw it and absolutely loved how blue it was. it's airplane toilet water blue (heh i love that color), and it looks even tackier against the orange raincoat. we accomplished a lot on the project today. woohoo!

paper due tomorrow! eeeeeeeeeee! but fortunately my only obligation tonight is fencing (i've missed the last 2 practices so i feel i NEED to go even though i have the paper), so i'll probably be able to finish it tonight. i read what i needed to last night and came up with a really simple outline. it's a start, anyway. now i just have to come up with 5-6 pages of analysis. yay! maybe film class will get out early today, since the movie is only an hour and a half.

this weekend i really need to clean my room. there's clothing and art supplies all over the floor, and my floor needs to be swept and mopped snce there's dirt and hair all over the place. ick. i don't need to do laundry (running out of quarters anyway), but i also need to get caught up on film reading and do the assignment for my faculty advisor. i need to figure out what classes i want to take in the spring (i know i have to take a seminar, and i'm going to work on the distribution requirement).

less than 3 weeks until thanksgiving! hmmm, i wonder if i can stretch my food supplies to last that long and scrounge up an extra 12-16 quarters for laundry. maybe i can go home next weekend if i'm not too busy and my parents are available to drive. next week i have the group project for psych and a group presentation for film. on the 19th, the installation project is due, and i think we'll be able to finish it by then. i hate being so busy. of course, when i'm a comping senior, i'll be so busy it will make this year look insanely easy, but i'll deal with that in the future. right now i'm just a whiny sophomore, taking my life for granted when there are others out there who don't have time to post in lj and complain about how many things they have to do.
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