November 10th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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well, that was interesting. we had a tornado warning, but it missed us. earlier today i went to fencing, and this guy and i kept singing the lobster magnet song and couldn't fence right because we were laughing so much. lobster sticks to magnet!!!!! hehe...

last night my sister called and demanded to know why we don't have a kitten yet. i said i'd try to get us one by christmas, and it's early november! jeesh! and i don't even live at home, and i have no vehicle. what am i supposed to do, kidnap a kitten somewhere and hide it in my room? sheesh! then she asked what i was getting people for christmas. i don't know! i haven't even thought about it yet! when i told her about raking leaves, she said, "you always do a lot of work and never complain." as oppose to katie, who never does any work and constantly complains. well, i complain online anyway. i whine about papers and projects and such, but i don't complain to my teachers about it. if my mom asks my sister to do something as simple as picking a piece of paper off the floor, she yells, "stop bossing me around! i'm not your slave!" my sis has issues.

are my journal entries amusing? i don't want to be boring the people who read them. sometimes my life is pretty uneventful, but sometimes i'll do something really interesting and have to share it with everyone. i'll tell you a little story now, one i'll sporadically make up as i go along, just to entertain you.

once upon a time, there was a little girl named veronica. she had long purple hair and kind of dressed like death from the sandman comic, only she was six years old and had a hard time finding goth clothing in her size. she would occasionally go shopping with her older sister, a 14-year-old punk wannabe named lola, to the mall. they'd go to hot topic, and veronica found that the extra small shirts made for anorexic girls fit her just perfectly. then she had an idea. if there could be limited too, gap kids, and abercrombie kids, why not make a hot topic for little kids? so she gathered up all her friends. sammy was a kid whose mother let him dye his hair pink and listen to music with questionable moral values. natalie was a perfectly innocent-looking girl, but she liked other girls and had been expelled from 3 elementary schools for "sexual harassment" after kissing girls on the playground. shawn was on ritalin. enough said. and veronica's best friend, suzie, liked to stay up late watching anime and *gasp* pg-13 movies! so the kids got together and rode their scooters to the mall. they asked the manager to build them a hot topic kids store. he said no. they beat him up, took his wallet, tied him to his office chair, and spent the afternoon buying candy and making fun of the normal people. the end.

i don't know where that story came from. maybe it's the trail mix i'm eating.
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