November 13th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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Last night I stayed at the writers house for nearly 4 1/2 hours. For Tuesday group, we wrote about a significant event in our lives from the POV of the opposite sex. I thought of making myself a drag queen (if I was a guy, I'd definitely do drag!), but then I decided to write about the whole sexual assault with my cousin business 5 1/2 years ago that really affected me through my teenage years. I thought it would be somehow more shocking if a guy was molesting a guy, but it was kind of hard to think of the male counterpart to breasts. So of course the center of unwanted attention changed from breasts to the penis. Anyway, I was shaking when I wrote it and kind of quivering when I read it. I had to switch seats to read it, because this girl I don't really like (she's obnoxious, likes to pick on me, and is kind of arrogant) sat next to me and was drawing/writing about penises in my book and kept annoying me and touching me (not THAT kind of touching, fortunately). So I got fed up, told her to leave me alone, and went to sit by Anne, who is nice and harmless. I read, and people asked if it was based on a true experience. I said yes, cleared some things up, and felt a little better. I guess the more I talk about it, the less it disturbs me. Especially since my cousin finally apologized about a year ago (I talked to him online and had the courage to confront him about the abuse) and I forgave him. Anyway, after people read, we sat around and talked as usual, except this guy who was there accidentally smacked Emily's foot really hard with her crutch riiiiight on her broken ankle bone. Owwwwwww, that must have REALLY hurt, and from the way she reacted, it did. Anyway, Ben and I got to talking about what we'd name our kids. I told him he could marry me and we could have a multitude of kids with weird names. He kind of laughed nervously at that. Well, I'm going to name mine after demons (hey, they have the coolest names!), he's going to name his after Transformers and 80s cartoons, we're going to have one named Bob, and then there will be the others, named after foods, obscure body parts, books of the Bible, chemicals, etc. Yes, I can see it now...

Ade: Mephistopheles, let go of Hedwig's hair and come in for dinner!
Ben: And Leviticus, untie Megaman, Magenta, Zoloft, and Pomegranate!
Ade: Clitoris (male), get off the shed!
Toenail: Hey Mom, Yitzhak bit me!
Yitzhak: But he punched me first, and then Ramen tripped me!
Ade: Arrrrgggghhhhhhh! All of you! Go to your rooms!
All 2394785082734 kids: But Ma...

Hehehe... I'd make a weird mom.

Anyway, I went to a luncheon lecture about bisexuality and biphobia, it was really good. Afterwards I talked to a girl who's also a bisexual Wiccan (hurray for us!), which was really neat since about 90% of the people here (from my experience, anyway) are Christians. It's always nice to meet other Wiccans, since we're really in the minority.

Today's schedule is packed! Yow! So many things, so little time to do homework...
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"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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hehehe lookie what i found in my files! 6th grade, baby! guess which one i am!

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i finished that psych study thing. skip this paragraph if you happen to be taking the 3-part study and haven't finished yet. well, the part that really got me was when they asked how "God" influenced different events in my life, how religious i am, etc. i was kind of annoyed by that. i was wondering if they were just assuming everyone was christian or measuring religion in people with various emotional health levels or something. at the very end, they asked for age, gender, and religious affiliation. so i felt better about that. i guess they just decided to use the generic "God" for the big omnipotent entity that almost all religions revolve around. it works. there's a God in my religion. and a Goddess. but they're part of the one big spiritual being that encompasses everything and everyone and takes care of us and everything. yay.

wow, my keyboard is really dusty. everything here is dusty. ahhhhh tomorrow i'll have to clean the place, especially if my parents decide to come get me and take me home this weekend.
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"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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wooo, today was busy but fun. skott freedman is awesome. he gave a luncheon lecture on bisexuality and biphobia, had dinner at the agp house with us, and then gave a free concert at the coffeehouse. i got one of his cds and drew a picture of him on a post-it note. he thought it was cute.

i learned that it's a bad idea to wear a silky scarf instead of a belt. i don't have one, and these pants are about an inch too loose, so i made do with what i had. it gets in the way of zippers.

fine, fine, fine, i must give in to temptation again...

A - Age: 19 1/2
B - Best Quality: imagination!
C - Choice Of Meat: i'm really not a meat person. i'll eat chicken though. i can eat a little meat, but if i have more than just a little, i don't like it any more and it makes me feel funny
D - Dream Date: do you mean calendar date or romantic date? i'll answer both. october 31 (woohoo!), and my ideal romantic date would be going to a playground and having fun.
E - Ex (most recent): ummm... my 1st grade boyfriend? his name began with a j. jason, justin, joseph, jigglypuff... i don't remember.
F - Favorite Food: strawberry ice cream in a cone and apple juice
G - Greatest Accomplishment: the "burning bridges" play megan and i wrote in high school won an honorable mention in that contest last year and had a public reading, which was really cool
H - Happiest Day of Your Life: i dunno, it probably happened at camp a few years ago, those were mostly happy times
I - Internal conflicts: computer games vs. studying, social anxiety, occasional bouts with minor depression, wanting to tell ben i like him but worrying that he just wants to be friends, etc.
J - Joke of the Day: please don't hurt me for this one, megan told it to me and it's one of those jokes where you're yelling "ewwww, that's WRONG!" while laughing.
what's red and puffy and knocks at the window?
a baby in the microwave
*dodges flying fruit*
K - Kool-Aid: grape! kool ADE hehehe ms. bryson called me that
L - Love: my friends, extended family, *cough*BEN*cough*
M - Most Valued Thing I Own: my SOUL (still unsold, folks!), my mannequin, and my computer
N - Name: aderoni and cheese
O - Outfit You Love: jeans, my "i have issues" shirt, my gray hoodie, and powerpuff girls sneakers! also my nun costume complete with pentacle and ruler, that was a big hit!
P - Pizza Toppings: pineapple
Q - Question you want to ask: WHAT is your name? WHAT is your quest? WHAT is your favorite color? (if you don't understand the reasoning behind those questions, you deserve to be thrown into the pit of despair)
R - Raison d'etre: eh, jessica made this one up, and i don't know french. *translates* oh, ok! to promote acceptance of differences, enlighten the world with my stories and presence, and wreak havoc!
S - Sport To Watch: fencing and gymnastics
T - Television Show: spongebob squarepants! and full house.
U - Unique habit: well, i have tourette syndrome and trichotillomania, so i have many, but whenever i pass a mirror i have to make a goofy face at myself. this usually scares or amuses people who happen to witness it.
V - Vehicular Combat weapon of choice: singing! muhahahahahahaaaa! i'm surprised i didn't accidentally kill my sister the time she snuck into the car when i was going to pick up megan and singing "i will survive" with the radio...
W - Winter: *sings* when you gonna make up your mind? when you gonna love you as much as i do? when you gonna make up your mind, cuz things are gonna chaaaaaange so fast... *sigh* i LOVE that song!
X - x has no question, so i'll make up one and answer it. WHOMYBABYDADDY?!?!?!: YOUMYBABYDADDY!!!!!!
Y - Year Born: 1983
Z - Zodiac Sign: taurus (i'm just full of bull, baby!)

well, it's bedtime for adeykins, but i'm all caffeinated and awake. bah! goodnight!
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