November 16th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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woohoo, i'm home! had an interesting time visiting laura at gcc, then we came home and i cuddled with belle. i missed my kitty sooooooo much, and as soon as we arrived she came out of the bushes to the car, then dashed inside. when i put my stuff down, she was being all friendly and cute and i dried her off and scratched her... i love my cat!

zebras now come in "flocks," no matter what my dad says! ha!

today was all about the cleaning, since there's a church dinner group thing at our house tonight. katie and i will be around for a little bit, but there's a faculty play at the middle school and we're going to go watch the teachers botch their lines and act silly. hehehe i remember the faculty play my senior year of high school... ms sunseri was one of the main characters and kept forgetting her lines. hahaha and now i get to go see the teachers i had in junior high (before it was the middle school) and see if any of them remember me! i don't look much different. i gained a lot of weight and my face has matured a little, but i'm still recognizable. i have a feeling i'll be doing a lot of laughing tonight. hmmmm, i wonder if i'll get a chance to see harry potter this weekend. if not, i'll have to wait until either next time i go home or i feel like walking to the meadville cinema.

my dad came back from north carolina. he was working on a project for my uncle, visiting his sister, kara, danny, and grandma... and scoping out houses. he's "unemployed" now (he still does some consulting, and he works for the navy, but he doesn't have a REAL job), and since the job market is terrible here, we might have to move. might. only an itty bitty chance. i don't really care, since after i finish college i'll be on my own anyway, and katie wants to move. that would be interesting if we did.

oh, and my nana is deteriorating. i hope she makes it to thanksgiving so i can at least say goodbye. my mom might have to go stay with her for a while. bah - life sucks.

well, let's see what today has to offer...
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