December 1st, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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i've been back here for a few hours and i've done no unpacking. at least my mom helped put the sheets back on my bed. we went to michael's (the store) and got a whole bunch of nifty things for my next art project that i'll probably be talking about nonstop for the next 3 weeks (amid rants about finals and cafeteria food). i even got these cuuuuuuute miniature xmas lights (dollhouse-sized). right now i'm reading through half a dozen pages worth of friend posts since everyone loves me and i have lots of friends (i wish...).

ooooooooohyeah! i want that wig, even though it would look terrible on me!

oh yeah, and i developed a roll of film. once i scan them, i'll share them, since they're utterly hilarious! i'm going to make an icon out of one of the nun pictures!

i went to florida for thanksgiving, and i thought we were going to eat dinner at the condo since my nana is having a hard time. but then she decided she was well enough to go out, so we ate in the restaurant. dammit, i HATE eating in restaurants at thanksgiving! i'm such a traditionalist when it comes to this holiday. but it was really sad, because when my uncle was saying the blessing before we ate, pop pop was in tears. i've never seen him that depressed before, and it was scary. poor guy, his wife is dying and that was probably the last thanksgiving we're all together. *sigh* and i didn't have turkey or mashed potatoes or anything. everything on the menu was extremely overpriced and fancy, so i finally settled for some shrimp. the dish was ok, i guess. after dinner, i went up to my room and cried until my dad called and said they were having dessert. i said i'd be down in a few minutes, and i turned on the tv while i was composing myself. harry potter was on! so i watched it for a few minutes (right around the scene where norbert hatched) before forcing myself to go downstairs, where i had apple pie. then i went over to the bar, where my aunt and sister were. aunt kathleen was sipping wine and smoking constantly (this was right after i wrote a bad poem condemning smoking because my nana is dying of lung cancer), and katie was talking to the bartender. well, kathleen had several glasses of wine (i was teasing her about it, and she kept pushing me to order another drink - non-alcoholic, silly!), and jack the bartender taught my sis how to mix drinks. we were there a long time, and i kept getting distracted since star wars was on the tv.

mmm, distractions. i wonder if any dining halls are open yet. i'll check. hungry! if not, it's just ramen and me! i got some hello kitty ramen noodles in florida (i wasn't interested in what everyone else was doing one afternoon, i was hungry, and i didn't want to buy any of the insanely overpriced food at the hotel, even if pop pop was paying for it, so i walked to publix - or "pubix" as my uncle calls it - and got some stuff). bye bye!
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"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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by the way, happy hannukah. i love jewish people!

i think i've had a cold for the past few days. dammit!!!! *kicks something*
i thought my throat hurt because i was having too many tourette syndrome episodes, but i guess i caught something. my aunt and uncle said they were kinda sick when they came down, so i might have caught it from them or someone on the plane. well, my throat feels a bit better, but my nose is all stuffy. and knowing me, i'll do nothing about the cold, go outside in the freezing weather without a coat, hat, or gloves, forget to take any medicine (i have dimetapp, and i don't trust the health center), and then die of pneumonia because i'm such a dork. i think i've had an ear infection for a while now too. jeesh, i really need to go to the health center. but knowing me, i won't unless someone convinces me to and then drags me there. in fact, just to convince myself that i'm not a complete idiot, i'm going to have some dimetapp now. mmm, grape flavor! there, i had 4 tsp, which was apparently what adults and children over 12 are supposed to have. and i didn't spill any! i'm really hungry. food sounds like a good idea now.