December 3rd, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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wooooooo!!!!!! today in the mail i got the hedwig soundtrack (the original one, not the movie soundtrack). so i'm rocking to "angry inch" now, and i'll probably be all hedwigged out for the week until i panic, realizing i have so little time left to catch up on reading, work on my project, do stuff for finals, etc.

speaking of wigs, this morning ally and i had to take down our magnificent installation. yes, the paper went to the recycle bin, the jelly beans went in the trash, and the mannequin returned to my room. i did get several pictures of the project, and i'll scan them later and post them here. but it made me sad to take the project down, and i had "tear me down" running through my head. it seemed appropriate. i wrote a little tribute to the death of the installation in my AIM profile (blupyglet if you didn't know already). *sigh* but ally let me keep the wig, woohoo! i think i'll let jenn borrow it because she adores it. someday i should dress the mannequin as hedwig.

i sent cj a birthday card, since she turns 38 on friday. she's still down about being a spinster at her age, but that's ok. i'll probably be the same way when i'm her age, except hopefully i'll be emotionally stable and have a cat or two or 74. and purple hair.

well, that's it for now. i must do a bit of homework, dress the mannequin, and be productive before film class. then i can put on some makeup, turn on the 8-track, and pull the wig down from the shelf... suddenly i'm miss beehive 1963 until i wake up and i turn back to myself... (yes, i'm all about the random hedwig references)
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"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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i was jut sitting by myself at dinner, as usual, when i saw this abnormally tall girl. what really caught my attention was that she was wearing these big clunky HEELED shoes! why tall girls wear heels is beyond me. why ANYONE would wear heels is beyond me. those things can't be comfortable, no matter what my sister says, and what's the point of trying to look taller when you're already tall? what's the point of trying to look taller in the first place? society is obsessed with mutants. have you ever seen a 5 foot 4, size 12 mannequin? no! they're all 6 foot tall, size 0 freaks with distorted figures! now i love my mannequin and everything, but she has one of the scariest bodies i've ever seen. so why worship mutants? i guess because they're so different from what you typically see. yes, the human species is incredibly diverse, but i guess there's kind of a height/weight bell curve thing going on. how many 6 foot tall, 100-pound human females do you see walking down the street every day? come to think of it, how many 4 foot 8 1/2, 137-pound people do you see (besides me)? so in a way, i'm a mutant too, only i'm on the opposite side of the spectrum from mannequins. i guess that's why my mannequin and i get along so well - opposites attract. but i will never let MY mannequin wear heels!
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