December 8th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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ick, i have lots of dried glue in my hair, thanks to working on my project. i ran out of masking tape so i'll have to buy more tomorrow. i'm pretty far along on the dragon neighborhood, but i still have a lot of work ahead of me.

i went to the goodbye party for anita, and it was fun, especially when people were running around, attacking each other with balloons. i didn't join in on that, but it was fun to watch. by the way jess, nice job on the decorations.

all right, all right, after this i promise i'll read "paradise lost" since i'm such a procrastinator. and then i'll write stuff (playboy is having a writing contest for college students with big cash prizes) and go to bed so i can wake up tomorrow and work on my project some more, go to fencing practice, study for the quiz on monday, have dinner at the agp house, and do other stuff. yippee!

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while i was in the middle of doing the survey, anita IMed me and persuaded me to go watch "the princess bride" with her and a few others. i protested at first, but she talked me into it. so i watched it and had a good time, but if i fail the "paradise lost" quiz on monday it's HER fault! well, right now i'm getting off the computer, and i'm going to finish the whole damn book before i let myself sleep as punishment for being so lazy and submissive. tomorrow i can study for the test and work on the dragon village. i made the child sculpey dragon, and it's so cuuuuuute! it's so little and red, orange, and yellow! i made the basic frames for the 2 adult sculpey dragons, and i'll make them tomorrow. then i'll bake them and work on the foil dragons, which will hopefully be the easiest.

and i'm off like a prom dress!
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"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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nothing like eating apple sauce straight out of the jar!

i'm skipping fencing, since i have so much stuff to do. i did do some reading, but i have more ahead of me. i also really need to work on the dragon neighborhood, but i think i'll do that later, after i finish my reading. weehee, the next 10 days are going to be pure hell for me. but after that, i'll be ade again.
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"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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well, my art project is close to finished... just need to make the foil dragons, glue parts of the sculpey ones together, finish landscaping, and assemble the dragons! i made and baked the sculpey dragons today, but the two adults fell over in the oven. one's tail got a little weird (that's ok) and one has a bent foot and a head that looks like she's glancing over one shoulder. her tail also fell off. i can work around the booboos, i guess. i'm going to pull this project off, dammit!

now i just have books 9 and 10 to read for the quiz tomorrow. i WILL read them before i go to bed, and i set my alarm so i'll have time to study tomorrow morning. on tuesday the panic will be temporarily soothed after the quiz and project are out of the way. then i can concentrate on panicking and procrastinating with my other papers and finals! hurrah!

okokok, i promise to stop updating every single day with what i did academically, since nobody cares but me (though my art projects are really nifty and i love talking about them). i'll also try to post more humorous stuff, since making people laugh is gooooood.

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"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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hehehe alexia is funny.

spotulucka: I wish I was up there to be more of a friend to you guys to you and her and jason
blupyglet: we wish you were here too, it's not a party without you
spotulucka: haha funny
spotulucka: You just want to flirt with me with stuffed mario bombs
blupyglet: lol, no that was plastic
spotulucka: or watch me wear the pumpkin outift
spotulucka: haha
blupyglet: we put makeup on it
blupyglet: yeah, and the apron!
spotulucka: haha
blupyglet: and that really ugly dress!
spotulucka: Boy you enjoyed seeing me in the pumpkin I could tell
blupyglet: it was quite humorous
spotulucka: what's your zip code I want to look up some chicks on the personal ad for you
blupyglet: and then when i wore the ugly dress you said "gee, it's nice to see that you have boobs"
blupyglet: 16335
spotulucka: haha
spotulucka: well honey you have breasts
spotulucka: about what a C right
blupyglet: i dunno
spotulucka: do you want me to look up women for you or both
blupyglet: they're weird
spotulucka: men and women
blupyglet: both
spotulucka: haha shh stop making fun of your boobs

boobies boobies BOOBIES!!!!!!!

*ahem* sorry, 'tis late at night, and i should really get off the computer...