December 9th, 2002

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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i didn't do so well on the quiz today. oh well, it's only a 30-pointer and i didn't think he'd ask a lot of questions about milton himself.

anyway, i got 2 packages in the mail today. one was this weird t-shirt i got from someone on laundro, and the other was a christmas present from pop pop. it looks and feels like a small book, but i'm going to wait to open it. since i celebrate yule 4 days before my family celebrates christmas, maybe i'll open it then unless my parents want to wait so everyone opens presents at the same time. my family is pretty traditional when it comes to christmas. of course, since i'm not episcopalian, i have my own little holiday, but i go along with their plans anyway, just so they don't get mad or anything because i'm too damn submissive. and that was a run-on. and that was a fragment. and i shouldn't start sentences with "and." where was i? oh yes, celebrating. i think we're staying in murrysville this year, but i heard something about going to north carolina around new years. cool! i want to see my NC relatives again and meet danny! also, i'm almost sure my parents are getting me a digital camera this year, since i've been asking for one for the past couple years. but that's really the only thing i want. maybe a dvd or two, but my list is really short this year. i guess i don't feel very materialistic. plus, my dad doesn't have a real job right now (he still does some consulting and works for the navy, but he doesn't have a stable job), so i feel guilty asking for anything at all. but that's ok, my sister does enough begging for both of us. plus, christmas isn't about presents, it's about celebrating a religious holiday, spending time with family, and overeating. well, i don't celebrate the religious part, but i can hang out with the famdamily and munch on cookies. i just hope nobody buys me clothing this year, i hate it when i get clothing (except for the gray hoodie my aunt got me, i wear it almost every day).

well, time to head down to good ol' sex and gender, then be off to the studio and work on the project before argo, then after dinner finish the project since it's due TOMORROW!!!!!!! then i can relax until i realize that i desperately need to do laundry, wash the dishes, work on final papers for 2 classes, study for a final in one, work out a housing arrangement for next semester (i currently live alone in a double, but i got an email saying there's a single available next semester, but if i don't want that i'll have a roommate here next semester... aiiiiiieeeeee!!!!!!), etc. goodbye!
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"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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weeheeeeeeee!!!!!! i finished the dragons! at least, i think i did. everything is set up anyway. i'm going to make some ramen to celebrate. i just hope everything stays put until after the critique tomorrow. if dave doesn't give me an A, i'll kick him.

also, i'll probably be moving to a different room next semester. the housing lady emailed me, and there are a couple singles available. i might get anita's room since she's graduating. that should be interesting. i just hope my dad doesn't pass out halfway through the moving process, since he'll be the only one helping (my mom is going to florida to be with nana and pop pop for a while, and my dad probably won't let my sis skip school to come help out). weeeeee, 3 flights of stairs to handle! but if i get a single on the ground floor of walker next semester, moving in will be a lot easier. i love having a big double all to myself, but i don't like this floor. not only are there sorority girls running around all the time, but the bathroom is tiny and has weird showers, i have to scale 4 flights of stairs on laundry days, a ghost haunts the hall (seriously, people this year have reported creepy stuff, and i'd sometimes feel a presence in the room with me... however, the ghost left me alone once i brought my mannequin up, and after i asked her to permanently leave me alone, she stopped haunting me), and other stuff.

lalala ramen is ready! mmmm, chicken ramen, apple juice, peanuts, and all the other snacks i can scrounge up! it's a feast fit for a... college student.

tomorrow i shall relax a bit, for film class is cancelled and i don't have anything to do between noon and 7! maybe i'll nap and watch hedwig. then on wednesday i can start stressing out again. but tomorrow afternoon will be ade time.
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