January 5th, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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mom: anna mamo applied for early decision to grove city, but she was wait-listed.
katie: what? she didn't get in because she weighed too much?

hehe my sister is a sillyhead. today we went sledding! of course, my parents had to put all our snow gear in a bag in back of one of the cars, so when they were at church we had to rummage around the house and find snow gear that fit decently enough. julia, elli, and two of julia's friends were at the top of the BIG hill and katie joined them, but 3/4 of the way up i decided the hill was too steep for me (i hate steep hills). i told them i wanted to sled from a lower point, knowing they would tease me. so elli started singing "scaredy-cat!" but i sledded down anyway. there was a big bump near the bottom, and of course i flew off the sled and landed hard on my bum/hip, which wasn't pleasant. i then decided to sled down the front yard, though i felt bad. i knew i WAS a scaredy-cat, so i wandered off to the front yard in tears, thinking "i'm such a wuss, i'll never fit in with anyone, those kids think i'm stupid, waaaaaaaah!" yes, i know how incredibly childish that was, and i felt even worse because i knew how childish i was being. i'm almost 20 and i'm still fussing because i'm too scared to go down the "big" hill and a 6-year-old (almost 7) makes fun of me. oh well. so i sledded by myself for a few minutes until the girls went down to julia's house and elli asked if she could sled with me. so we sledded together for a while. she wanted to hold hands on a couple runs so we did, but i accidentally pulled her glove off once. i didn't know it, and of course i was using that hand as a brake, so her poor glove got covered with snow. ah well. we went down to julia's house and sledded in their backyard, then went inside, then home. that was interesting.

eh, i'm bored. i wonder where my digital camera went. i know it's in the box, but where did the box go? oh well. maybe i should go do some serious game boy action (i know that didn't sound good) or read or something. woohoo.
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"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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a few things:

* tonight i was playing scrabble with my family and i arranged the letters in my tray to spell "blat fux." i found the word "blat" funny but didn't see the other letters until later. so i showed the tray to my sister, and she immediately yelled "blat fucks!" to the surprise of my parents. they yelled at both of us, her for using profanity and me for setting it up.

* ugh. no more enchiladas for me.

* am i the only female who doesn't want to just tie legolas down and... yeah? seriously, just about every female i know just drools over the guy. there's nothing wrong with that (i mean, he IS good-looking and great with a bow), but can't he be seen as more than just a sex symbol? does he have his own elven fan club or something? (sorry, had to get that out of my system)

* i told will (laura's brother) he would be a sexy transvestite (laura even agreed that he would make a stunning woman, and she's the poster child of asexual christian prudeness), but he didn't like the idea. he's just too closed-minded. jeez, i know lots of guys that are willing to don female garments (knowing the folks i run with, that's not surprising, and i've even seen several of my heterosexual male friends in dresses and skirts), why can't he? *sigh* oh well. the guy is nearly 15, he has that whole teenage boy attitude. maybe once he's away from the clutches of franklin he'll loosen up a bit and we can talk him into putting on something fetching.

* just one more week at home, then it's back to school for some more moving fun and preparations for the second semester. i'm almost halfway through college! hmmm, how did THAT happen so quickly? *shrug*

* WHY don't most calendars have moon cycles on them? *groan* now i have to find out when all the full moons in 2003 are and write them in my new harry potter calendar. you'd think a harry potter calendar would have SOMETHING about the moon schedule on it, but i guess not. well, when i'm a filthy rich author (or not... none of my author friends are really rich, even the more well-known ones) and my books are turned into movies that people go crazy over, i will make sure all the calendars have MOON CYCLES and PAGAN HOLIDAYS and MY BIRTHDAY and all the other necessary stuff on them! the moon phases are essential on a calendar! people need to know what phase the moon is in, or their entire lives could be thrown off balance! a waxing/waning moon mixup could have disastrous results! *grumbles* kids these days, i swear it...

* i wish my dad would just fix the damn bathtub and get it over with. i'm sick of using my mom's shower, and i hate having to stare at myself in the huge mirror across from it.

* maybe he's a koala. an EVIL koala.

* goodnight.
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