January 14th, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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well, i'm back. and halfway unpacked. and my computer works, which explains why i've been on it for the past 2 hours or so. now i can scan things and print things and make pictures and do everything else! yeehaw! there's a ladybug name tag thingy outside my door that says "aid." i'm so amused that whoever put it up misspelled my name. i can change it, of course, but it still makes me laugh whenever i see it.

my dad dropped me off this morning, and when i was buying books i ran into nick, anne, julie, and some other people in the book store. i got most of my books, but some weren't in stock so i'll get them later. oy, why did i have to take 3 english classes this semester? silly ade! i barely had enough arm to carry them all (especially while wearing my big poofy i-can't-move-my-arms man jacket). i felt like laura in her high school days, carrying a huge bookstack around. hahahaaaa... all i need is a huge green binder and a green sweatshirt and i can be a laura poser! ok, so i'd also need to be about 4 inches taller and have brown hair with bangs, but still...

well, i need to finish unpacking, put up posters (my room will feel so much better once i can stare at hedwig and tori whenever i want), clean out my coffee pot, etc. not to mention have dinner. *sigh* i guess it's back to brooks for me. even 3 days worth of leftovers (my dad likes to cook a ton of food one night and then eat it for the next few days. fortunately he only cooks when my mom is gone...) is better than the dining hall crap. oh well. at least i have food.

more family fun...

dad: name two states that are peninsulas.
katie: alaska and canada!
dad: canada isn't a state!
katie: oh right. *looks directly at florida on the map, decides against it, and keeps searching*
katie: oh yeah! it's a peninsula! ... ... ... what's a peninsula?
dad: grrrrr...
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"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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like my new icon? hehehe...

i'm about to create a mood theme thingy. go me! hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... and once i get my digital camera back, you can expect a lot more! my aunt barb sent it to my house, but it didn't arrive while i was there. it will probably arrive tomorrow or something, but i'll have to wait to get it the next time i go home. ah well...
"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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random advice of the day: don't put anything heavier than paper in a paper tube.

i keep taping my mermaid poster (the waterhouse painting) up, but it's on light cardstock and was stored in a tube for a month, so it's all curly and won't stay put! *grrr* time to break out the duct tape...