January 17th, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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It happened.

My Nana died today, a little over an hour ago (around 6 pm). She was 82 and had been battling lung cancer for the past few months. Fortunately her struggle was relatively short and she died quietly in a hospice. She was active and healthy a year ago, but within a few months her life just drained away thanks to the cancer. Even though she quit smoking many years ago, it still stole her life.

What do I have to say? FUCK YOU, tobacco industry! You killed my Nana! Your stupid little cigarettes destroyed an innocent person! Sure, she made a bad decision when she started smoking, but it's still your fault for making and promoting cigarettes! You advertise the things like they're the coolest product in the world, even though people are easily addicted to them and many eventually DIE because of it! And even non-smokers can die of lung cancer, thanks to secondhand smoke! And what do you do about it? Lie back and get rich and don't take responsibility when people's lives are destroyed from your fucking stupid product! Sure you can slap a little surgeon general's warning on, but nobody reads those and they never keep people from smoking anyway! So thanks a lot. My Nana is dead because of you. May you die slowly and painfully from the inside out, like the other countless victims of lung cancer. And have a fucking nice day too.

Well, I had to get that strong-worded rant out. And now I'm going to be all depressed for a while. I think the funeral will be on Tuesday or Wednesday, so I'll miss a few days of class and a couple meetings (arghhhhhhhhh, and I was really looking forward to Argo and Tuesday group too, since the last meetings were before break).

Well, rest in peace, Barbara Keenan. I hope you're happy now.
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