January 29th, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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oy. i went to bed around 1 last night, my alarm woke me at 8, i went back to bed, and i didn't wake up until 11:30-ish. i have some serious morning issues. unless i absolutely have to get up in the morning, i won't. i do wake up on tuesdays and thursdays because i have a class at 9:30, but the rest of the week i just lay in bed. i don't have a class until 1:30, so i think "ah, screw it" and bum around. i always set my alarm for 8 because i *think* i'll be able to wake up and have plenty of time to shower, eat breakfast, and do some homework, but i never do.

anyway, last night was... interesting. i went to fencing practice for the first time in a few weeks, and i basically worked with some of the new guys on drills and bouting. after that, i went to tuesday group, and the cosmo exercise was interesting. we picked words and pictures and then wrote about them. i wrote 2 stories: one was g-rated (i wrote about midol), and the other was nc-17-rated (somehow i thought the idea of mannequin porn was hilarious). both stories were incredibly stupid, and when i was reading the second one i couldn't stop laughing even though it REALLY embarrassed me. well, i can honestly say this: i will NEVER write mannequin porn again! of course, nick wrote one of the most disturbing things i've ever heard (about incest - not happy rocky horror incest but the evil child abuse kind) and we all yelled at him and poor anne got really freaked out and that wasn't very fun. my story was mild compared to his. anyway, but the exercise was pretty interesting. i'll post the results later, but i don't think anyone will really want to read them since they're such pathetic, stupid pieces of writing, not to mention disgusting. i'd better just stick to writing happy fantasy stories and fun stuff.

must... be... productive... *wrenches self away from computer*
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