January 31st, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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hooboy. i had one twisted dream last night. and it's all kuuki's fault. well, partially, anyway.

most of the dream was boring and stupid, but the weird part involved my cat, belle. at first she was covered with this red and pink slimy stuff, and it was probably blood. i was panicking because i thought she was going to die, and since she's one of my best friends i would be inconsolable. i guess my parents took her and cleaned her off, and then she was fine. then she came up to me and her body was back to normal, but her eyes... her yellow eyes were RED! now normally, if a person saw a black cat with red eyes they would freak out and assume that satan was behind it all. but i freaked out for a different reason. i thought, "nooooo, she has PINKEYE!!!!!!!!" when she was drinking from her water bowl the water turned pink, so i rinsed it out and gave her more. then for some reason we were giving her soup but she didn't seem interested in it. i was really worried that she'd give me pinkeye too, but that dream ended. oy. too much sickness and pink for me. gaaaaaaaaah! but the next dream was funnier. i'll omit the boring parts. at one point i was meeting my dad in what was apparently a movie theatre, and he was... dancing. i mean really dancing. dancing in one of the rows of seats. it was both scary and hilarious at the same time. then more boring stuff. the end.

i've been playing dragon warrior monsters 2, and it's a lot of fun. very addicting. eh, so much for actually doing homework. oh well. i got my poetry critiques, and most of them were pretty good, people seemed to enjoy the poem, but i have to redo it. just about everyone in the class has to redo it because only about 3 people really followed directions. oh well, no biggie. after that class, i ran into nick and anne at the campus center and we stood there and talked for 45 minutes or so. that was interesting, and i think i said "nobody wants to see you playing with your bodily fluids!" a little too loud. don't ask. but i got some graham crackers, yay!

and now, i will be off. g'day.
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