February 12th, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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I GOT AN A ON MY STATS TEST!!!!!!! *twirls in joy* 93% baby, highest grade in the class (not the highest person, since other people got 93s too, but still the highest!)! And on the way to the post office, a guy in my poetry class told me he liked my "a knight to remember" poem. Yay! I got a valentine letter from my sis. I appreciate it, even though she wrote in pink and I abhor the color.

The antiwar poetry reading was interesting, though I didn't really get into it, mostly because I'm fairly apathetic as far as the was is concerned. War happens all the time. People fight. They die. The US prevails and grows richer while 3rd world countries starve. I'm concerned, but I already have way too many things on my mind at the moment, and I don't need the added anxiety. Worrying isn't going to do anything.

Last night I saw "Amelie" at the writers house. It's funny and cute, and Amelie reminds me of my mischievous side.

Dinner! Hungry!
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