February 23rd, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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*squeals* yay, there's a picture of little cameron now!
and so the family expands...

speaking of pictures, i drew a picture of arditiarenne, in color and everything. the face didn't go as well as i hoped (i didn't have a model, i just drew from imagination), but that's ok. i'll scan it in after i post this, then post the picture for all who want to see what my character looks like. i'm finally going to learn how to actually battle on monday. gee, i should bring the guys cookies or something. they're so nice and helpful and patient.
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"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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Well. After reading some depressing straightdope posts (and not responding, since I want to stay in a good mood), I think it's time to do a nice happy post. So now I'm going to post a bunch of memories that make me happy.

- My first Tuesday group, where I was nervous and didn't know what to expect and ended up staying at the writers house until after midnight because I was having such a super time talking to people.

- That assembly at the end of 8th grade when Mr. Leftwich was calling the names of people with perfect attendance (including me). He completely butchered my friend's name, which made me laugh hysterically, and after I got my certificate thing, Joe Green (who used to sexually harass me all the time in social studies class) yelled out, "Ade Conway, will you marry me?" The entire auditorium roared with laughter, I was just about doubled over from laughing, and Mr. Leftwich got REALLY mad and yelled, "JOE, GET OUT!!!!!" I heard he got suspended too, all because he randomly proposed to me during an assembly...

- Sleeping over at my best friend Kiersten's house when we were in 1st or 2nd grade. We both ate a ton of tuna salad and tomatoes, we stayed up talking, and had a blast. We used to say we'd be college roommates (it's a bit late now...), and we were great friends, but I lost touch with her when I moved to Florida.

- That "feast" at Laura's house (was it last summer?), where we donned our costumes, Spam and Will kept lighting things on fire, Will gave me a ride in the wheelbarrow, we kept throwing this ball around through the sprinkler, I ended up getting completely soaked, Spam squirted a whipped cream smily face on my belly, and a bunch of random funny things happened. When I was driving Megan home afterwards, we decided to stop at the playground (and Spam joined us, since she was driving behind us). So we were having fun on the playground, I was singing "The Origin of Love" while swinging and Megan kept pushing me freakishly high because I wouldn't shut up, then I got off the swings and she chased me while I was still singing (running and singing is exhausting). Then Spam and I decided to moon and flash the high school (muhahahahahahaaaa) before we all headed home (since it was nearing midnight).

- When I was 4 or 5, I think I was up in Vermont, and Uncle Jon and Aunt Kathleen told me to come with them. We got into the truck, and they told me they were kidnapping me. We went to an aquarium, and I got stickers in the gift shop. I learned a year or so ago that my parents had asked them to because it was shortly after my sister Patricia was stillborn, and my parents didn't want me bugging them. But I really had fun at the aquarium.

- Last summer at the carwash fundraiser for Alpha when Megan and I bought squirt guns. We only had a few dollars with us, so we got this cheap squirt gun combo pack. She got the big one and gave me the little wimpy one, and we proceeded to attack each other and run around the gas station, laughing. Then she attacked me with the hose, so I was completely soaked. We probably scared Rachel too, since it was the first time we met and everything...

- The pre-graduation cruise, even though it was a few days after I got out of the hospital after my appendectomy. People who had virtually ignored me in high school came up to me and asked how I was doing. Some of my friends and I (yeah, you three know who you are) got a table, and some of us were jamming to whatever songs the DJ was playing.

- The day in 8th grade when I met Megan for the first time (aside from throwing tennis balls at her in gym class when I didn't know who she was). I was going over to Heather's house, and Sarah answered the door with a mischievous grin on her face. I heard Heather yelling, "Ade, help me!" from the basement, and when I went downstairs I saw her in the dog cage with Megan standing guard. Of course I didn't help, I just cracked up. Yes, we are eeeeeeeevil people. We did eventually let her out though...

- The time I was at Laura's house (I think it was a couple years ago, maybe during my senior year) and we put on lanas (huge flumpy costumes she makes) and drank a lot of "mudt" (it's like a mocha with other random ingredients) and other highly caffeinated beverages. We went outside and sat under the moon and talked for hours (I kept running back to the house every 5 minutes because the caffeine... you know...).

- Going to Schramms farm and picking out pumpkins every year!

- Seeing Hedwig for the first time last year at the Lesbian and Gay film festival. Halfway into the movie I decided that it was my new favorite movie, and during the sing-along part of "Wig in a Box," everyone sang along. It was magnificent, and I've been obsessed ever since.

- One afternoon when I was a senior, my mom was substituting at Heritage (where my sister went to school at the time) and said that she'd take us out to lunch afterwards if I didn't mind waiting. It was a half day, and I had nothing better to do, so after school I walked down to the elementary school and went on the swingset for half an hour. I was swinging and humming/singing to myself the entire time, and apparently some kid in my sister's class looked out the window, saw me, and said, "Hey Katie, isn't that your sister?" So there was a crowd of kids at the window watching me and probably thinking that I was some kind of nut since I was a high schooler swinging like a little kid. It was great.

- I don't remember when this happened, probably in the last 2 years, but I was going over to Megan's house to pick her up, and I took the minivan. Partway down the street, I realized that the back wasn't closed properly and went to shut it. Little did I know that my sister was hiding there (she was really worried when I went to close the door, but I didn't see her). So I went along my merry way, and I turned on the radio. "I Will Survive" was playing, so I started singing along, thinking I was alone. I arrived at Megan's house, and when I had rung the doorbell, the minivan door flew open, Katie jumped out, and yelled, "I told you I was a spy kid!" Megan opened the door and found both of us laughing hysterically. Of course, Katie wouldn't shut up on the way home, and I got really mad at her and completely lost my temper when we got home, but it was still funny.

- Whenever I was prepared with money when the ice cream truck came by :)

- The first time I met Bill, Nina, and Dave at CJ's house a few years ago. I was really nervous, since I'm painfully shy, but I was able to hold my own in conversation. They're neat people. I miss them all.

- All the times at the Renaissance festival... *sigh*

- Finding out that the play Megan and I wrote was going to have a public reading. I was jumping around the room and hollering excitedly, and I scared my poor roommate.

- In 9th or 10th grade, I bought this tape of Indian music and decided to play it really loud with my window open at 11 pm one night. I wonder what my neighbors thought of that.

- The Alpha workshop just plain rocked in every aspect (except maybe the sleep-deprivation).

And that's all I'll post for now. Wow, a lot of those came from sometime around my senior year of high school. Well, that was a good year. People stopped picking on me, and I actually had decent friends. So I successfully put myself in a good mood. Yay. You should all be happy too. People are too depressed nowadays.
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"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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i'm happy! i was being a dork and playing "age of mythology" again, and my friends carolyn and jamie stopped by. they asked if i wanted to live with them next year at the writers house, so i got all excited and said yes and now i'm absolutely ecstatic. i was really really worried that i wouldn't get to live there next year, and a while ago i even typed out this long rant about it, but now i don't have to worry any more! all i have to do is sign something now, and things will be hunky-dory. the writers house is moving to a really big house with 2 bathrooms, laundry facilities, and a couple extra rooms. it's going to be the writers mansion. i know most of the people who are going to live there fairly well (many of them are in agp and/or golem), and i'm sure i'll get to know the others. i can get along with people pretty well. and they like hedwig and said i can play the soundtrack as much as i want (i know that really annoys some people, so i'm glad they like it). i'll probably be rooming with this girl i barely know (i've met her twice), but she seems nice. and we're going to have a KITTY! there's going to be something like 8 people living there (2 guys, 6 girls, as far as i know), so things will get interesting. i probably won't have as much alone time as i usually do (heck, it's "ade time" around 20 hours a day), but that's ok. i'll never be lonely. plus, there will be a kitchen with REAL food, and my housemates will have cars so we can leave the campus every so often. the house is near the agp house, which is great because i have friends there too, and jamie said chris will probably come over all the time. she said he thinks i'm cool, so that makes me happy. chris is neat.

*squeals* i'm just thrilled. i won't be able to sleep tonight.
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