March 5th, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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tonight in tuesday group i wrote a little story where an apple juice vampire seduced me. we ate jambalaya and hush puppies while we wrote about food. i also had lunch with the people i'm going to live with next year, that was neat even though i was barely awake and couldn't hear out of one ear. i set my alarm for 8, then went back to sleep, woke at 9:45, realized i was supposed to be in class, fell asleep again, then woke up at 12:15, threw on some clothes, and dashed over to mckinley's to meet people for lunch. oy, what a day. and we were supposed to critique my poem today, but there wasn't enough time (bakken apologized for rambling so much, and he promised we'd critique my short poem next week).

well, yesterday's exams went fairly well. i didn't know some of the answers for the shakespeare one, so i probably got a b or c, and i definitely aced the stats exam. prof. robbins wasn't there, because his wife was in labor. i guess tomorrow he'll be babbling about his new son for half the class (provided everything goes smoothly). he's so proud, he's a daddy for the first time. i wonder if he'll bring the kid in to class and show everyone some time.

last night jane mccafferty had a reading, so i went. it was neat, i like her writing, and some of it was hilarious. afterwards i talked to some of my friends, then i bought her book and she was really nice and autographed it for me. she wrote "sweet ade" in it :)

and now, for something completely... copied... fill in the blanks!

I ____ Ade.
Ade is ____.
If I were alone in a room with Ade, I would ____.
I think Ade should ____.
Ade needs ____.
I want to ____ Ade.

here are my personal answers, just because i'm silly:
I love Ade.
Ade is thuper (thankth for athking!).
If I were alone in a room with Ade, I would play computer games with her.
I think Ade should go to bed.
Ade needs more juice boxes.
I want to be Ade (and i am!).

i better start going to bed before 2, or i'll keep sleeping until lunch time. bah.