March 11th, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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I got a little smiley thing in the mail today from Nick. It said:
Have a nice day
*stands tall above you*

Gosh, it made me laugh. I love Nick, he's awesome, even if he does like to stand really close to me and stare down and make me feel even shorter than I already am... *giggles*

Well, no more game this semester, so Ren will just have to wait and see if it resumes next semester so she can bust some heads again. I'm a little disappointed, but I know that Robertson is just too busy, and that's ok. At least I don't have to cut Golem meetings short any more. And I can join another game if I want, though I'd probably need to create a new character and I'd hate to bug certain people to help me with it since I only know a little bit about the game. Oh well. *plays with the plastic dragon on her monitor*

I was walking to poetry class and saw my freshman roommate, Carrie. Our brief conversation amused me...
Carrie: Hey Ade, where are you going?
Ade: Poetry!
Carrie: You're going to Arter?
Ade: No... um... *thinks* Cochran! Yes. I tend to forget building names.
Carrie: *laughs* Coch-ran! Youuuu said the c-word!

Yes, when we were roommates I almost never swore or named certain anatomical parts (Laura's influence still had me in its grasp). So of course she thought it was funny. Anyway, my "The Crazy Lady" poem was formally critiqued in poetry class today. People generally thought it was pretty good, but there are definitely things I need to fix. Here's the rough draft:

The Crazy Lady
Lurking in the shadows, I absorb the conversations and friendly smiles
of the babbling pancake supper patrons,
like a tree on a busy sidewalk that nobody pays attention to,
trying to go unnoticed yet hoping someone will talk to me.
A woman dismantles the quarrel between the minister's children,
then turns to me and starts prattling on about how she's also short,
how years ago she never thought she could make love to her really tall friend
until they were engaged.
I wonder if she's nuts, why she's telling this to a silent sixteen-year-old, but I smile and nod,
unaware that our random encounter would spark an interesting friendship.

I don't really like the ending. It sums things up, but it just sounds dumb. I'll fix it later, whenever I'm revising my poems for the final portfolio.

And now, because I can...

* Date you joined? 1/28/02
* Number of journal entries? 388
* Number of comments posted? 522
* Number of comments you have received? 277
* Number of people on your friends list? 33 (22 have me as friends, the rest are mostly communities)
* Person that introduced you to LJ? alteredsketch, formerly burningweb
* Still friends with this person? yeah, she's cool. i hope we meet someday, that would be fun.
* How many people have you introduced to Live Journal? Well, I've given 2 people codes, I don't know how many others have joined because of me though...
* List everyone on your friends list you have met in person: (in alphabetical order) I met audreym on the first day of 12th grade, she was on my bus and in a couple of my classes and we became friends almost instantly. I met darrkespur at the Alpha workshop over the summer, he was the cute Welsh guy all the girls liked. fostergreen needs to WRITE SOMETHING in her journal, but I met her back in junior high and we really became friends in high school. gaea_truth is my adopted mommy, we met sometime in junior high and were basically so-so friends until around the end of high school. I met kuuki and leonardofelix through Argo during my first year at but didn't know them very well until my second year. sidheaine is another Alphan, but we officially met at the car wash fundraiser, and Megan and I probably scared her when we were being silly and having water fights and making up car wash dances. And last but certainly not least, my beloved spikeslustylove. I've known her the longest, since we were both in this Halloween play back when we were in 5th grade (we went to different schools, this play was an extracurricular thingy). We met again in 7th grade when we both went to the junior high, and our friendship has gone through some really weird times, but things finally got sorted out in high school and we're great friends now and molest each other all the time (especially in front of Laura, because it freaks her out). Whew, I didn't mean to write that much. Oh well. I love you all! *pulls everyone in for a big group hug*
* Anyone on LJ you can't stand? Well, someone decided to leave some mean and stupid comments on a community post... that wasn't very nice.
* Name one person on your friends list you would most like to meet? One? ONLY one? Fine. firelove, because he rocks, and I want to see him prance about in drag. Yes, I want to meet you all, but the drag wins out. *big grin*
* Last person you added? audreym (didn't know she had a journal until a few weeks ago)
* Ever banned someone from commenting in your journal? nope, never had a reason to
* biggest pet peeve about lj: when people decided to marquee something and screw up the end tag so most of my friends page marquees (this only happens occasionally, but it really irritates me)
* Do you feel close to most of the people on your friends list? well i'm good friends with many of them (whether i know them in person or not), some are just friend-friends, and some are just interesting people i rarely talk to.

Well, I'm hungry. Time for dinner, then I'll probably end up either surfing Gaia or playing computer games until Tuesday group tonight (gosh, I love Tuesday group - it's the real writing highlight of my week, and I'm going to give Nick a big hug for making me laugh today). *waves and disappears in a cloud of pixellated smoke*
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