March 24th, 2003

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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Whew. I haven't been on LJ in a week (I was trying to keep all records of it off my dad's computers since I don't want him or any other family members finding my LJ). But I'm back at school now (bleh).

Spring Break in a nutshell:

- Saturday night I went to a Mensa games night with CJ and saw Dave again. It was quite fun, though I got really panicky when I was driving in Monroeville (I hate traffic, but if I sing to myself I feel better).
- On Sunday night, Megan and I went to see Tori! It was just wonderful. Tori is amazing, and she rocked in concert. I taped one of those one-use cameras to my leg and snuck it in (I taped it a little too tight and it REALLY hurt when I pulled the tape off). I got a t-shirt, Megan got a dream catcher necklace, and I lent Megan some money to get the really cool "trim your bush" shirt. Tori blew us away, of course. I wrote down the song list in the dark. I cried a little during "Mary" and "I Can't See New York," but I figured I would. She came back for 2 encores, and I was really excited when she played "Talula." Finally she played "Putting the Damage On" and people were raising their lighters in the air. It was beautiful. I do have pictures (the concert ones came out tiny and pretty dark, but I can at least improve them in Photoshop), and I'll post them sometime this week.
- My dad had me applying for lots of internships and jobs and stuff this summer, and my mom set up 3 appointments for me (dentist, doctor, and hair). The new doctor was pretty nice, and she kept offering to give me medication for different stuff (I'm fine, really!). I bet my blood pressure and heart rate were higher than usual though, since I was incredibly nervous.
- I saw Spammykins on Thursday, and of course we molested each other as usual (I touched her boobie 3 times, but she wanted me to... *giggles*) and went through some really old papers, notes, sketchbooks, 8th grade comics, etc.
- On Saturday, my mom and sister and I went to Target, and I got this Harry Potter Lego computer game (it's fun, but REAL Legos are cooler) and one of those voice activated Neopets (mine is a green Mynci). That night, I saw Slade and Aerin from Alpha, and we went out to eat. Plenty of balloon sword/animal Harry Potter slash innuendo, fighting with Slade's brother, reminiscing, etc. I'm pretty surprised we didn't get kicked out of the restaurant for being rowdy, but we gave the waitress a big tip for being nice and putting up with us.
- On the way back to college on Sunday, I stopped by Slade's house before Aerin went to the airport, and I saw Rachel/"Daddy" again. We watched part of "The Ring" (creepy...). Then I had to go bye bye, and I returned to my room, and my dad insisted on cleaning up the mess on the floor. I reunited with my computer, and I somehow managed to get to bed by midnight.

Phew! I'm just checking my friends page (gaaaaah there's like 10 pages of entries! Time for some skimming!) so I can be up-to-date in all of your interesting lives.

Well, more later. Lunch time! Blech. And I was just getting used to eating REAL food again (thank goodness for cereal and pasta!).
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